Deities of the past

Deities of the past

A Story by Mark

Gods and Goddess are locked away.The Goddess of Love finds a way back to the mortal world.


Year XXX0

The Gods and Goddesses had been sealed in their own realm for ages; punished by their own creator. All to live in their own spheres locked away from ever hearing the prayers of their worshipers again. Each pantheon clung together, most forgetting days long gone and now dealt with their mundane existence.

One such Goddess, Aphrodite, walked through the garden on the perimeter of their prison. She hummed and danced as she moved through the flowers and the luscious trees.

Suddenly she stopped.

For centuries she walked this same path and now before her; a crack. A crack in the wall that locked her in. This divide was big enough for one to slip through but it seemed to pulsate as the rift would alternate from a decent size gap to just to narrow split yet no sound could be heard.

Within a moment it stopped and formed together. She touched the slit and looked around. Pondering she sat patiently waiting for it to begin again. She waited, the hours turned to days, the days to months, and the months to… a year. Exactly one year for her �" it began again.

She watched in amazement and wonder. Looking around to see if any other being may be creeping on to her discovery.  She watched and counted before it would seal itself again.

24 hours.

That would be plenty of time for her to disappear and return before anyone would notice.

Year XXX2

Finally, she was going to see what was outside of their prison walls. She stepped through the crack and felt a rush of light until she was standing in a place she had been before, ages ago; the Parthenon.

 She was curious why here the crack would lead her here but looking out the world was changed. The surrounding area had seen rough years. With her sight metal creatures soared and structures towered into the sky.

She was amazed; the mortals have come along the way she thought. She felt for her worshipers yet only a few remained. She flickered in and out of their thoughts trying to find a true believer but her heart sank. Was there not one single person who truly worshiped her?

 She felt it. One lone voice. A voice between a boy and a man? She concentrated on his thoughts.

“If Love, truly is a lady, may I find her tonight”. The voice whispered in the dark.

She gazed at the crack in reality. 23 hours to go she told herself, and with that flashed to the voice.


Around the world he stood looking in the mirror. 

He was eighteen, about to graduate and yet love never found him. 

He wasn’t goofy, nor popular, more or less average. A face that could disappear in the crowd.

Even now, he was nervous. To show up to prom alone deep down devastated him. 

Yet he knew, somewhere, his one was out there. Looking for him.

He wiped his eyes, fixed his hair and walked out the door.

Down the hall he went, his classmates laughing and smiling. 

Pictures flashing as he walked through the gymnasium door into the prom.

He could already feel the side eyes and glances fling his way. 

He walked proudly though yet unsure of which way to go.

He stopped. He saw her in the crowd. He knew at that moment that it was her.

Her gaze met his and she smiled.

As she walked to him, her outfit changed to mirror the women around her. 

Her beauty radiated with each step towards him.

He couldn’t move. He couldn’t breathe. He was captured by her essences.

“Hello. ” he stuttered nervously.

She smiled, “so you are the boy who summoned me?”

I am, I mean I am not a boy. I am eighteen and…

“Yes, I know…” as she gazed into the past rewinding from this moment until he was a child… suddenly he took her hand by surprise.

She allowed it with a smile.

“Can I ask you your name?” he questioned?

                “You know it already…” she replied….  



[To be continued]


Overall Story Plot:

                Gods and Goddess are locked away.

                The Goddess of Love finds a way back to the mortal world.

                Connected to one boy/man

                They can only be together for one day a year.

                After day 4 (year 4) he enlists and goes into war.

                She finds him wounded clinging to life, and her tears bring him back.

                The crack ruptures �" Pandora’s Box

-          Love and Man eventually become one

                Deities make their way back into the realm of mortals; the Gods wraith

-          Mortals and Gods duel

-          Love and Man fight; the duality of their circumstance

                Pantheons vs pantheons

-          Other pantheons fight for worshipers

-          Love has no bounds


                The Ultimate Deity final decree

-          Love and Man have a child �" a demigod

-          Man sacrifices himself for love

Worship; 1 day a year a deity can set foot in the world of men/women in “avatar” existence

-          Man is reborn into a God




© 2019 Mark

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Added on April 27, 2019
Last Updated on April 27, 2019
Tags: Gods, Goddess, Love, Death, Hero, Mystery, War




Just me. Trying to get back into writing. Please, and I mean please comment and let me know what you thing. more..

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