A divided man Part 1

A divided man Part 1

A Poem by Ageeba

this poem is about the contradictions in life about how you see youself, how people se you and about how you think that people sees you..


| A divided man |

Guess i’m a divided man

like a war with two fronts

a coin with two sides

every story has three sides but let me show mine

i will try to define how i came to design

A soldier on the frontline fighting for his bloodline

not afraid to walk into a field of mines blow away his life line

with the knowledge that his family will be acknowledged  

and have a life like the age of adaline, long and prosperous

as long as he remember his promise never to cross a certain line

but in the heat of the battle you are bound to make a few mistakes

hurt and push some people away

Intertwine morals with principles curses with miracles

dreams with hopes to be a better man when tomorrow wakes.

Praying to god for a better day

So you don’t open when the devil knocks

stay strong don’t give in to the shell shock don’t give in to these writers block

one day you will find a key to unlock

the secrets that has been hidden in this box

of chocolate and roses with a bitter sweet taste and the hope is

that you will only judge if you are willing to embrace and noticed

that i have learned to suffer with a straight face

So can you see through the contradiction

and be my salvation by showing me where you stand
are you willing to accept this divided man

If yes let me show you the type of men i’ am

see things from my point of view

get to know me and understand why i do what i do.

can’t promise that you will be amused but at least walk a mile in my shoes.

-Ageeba K.

© 2017 Ageeba

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Added on December 9, 2017
Last Updated on December 13, 2017
Tags: doubts, hope, truth, contradictions, series, captivating, story, me