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The true meaning of peace.



“People are born for different tasks, but in order to survive every one requires the same nourishment; inner peace.”

As gaudy as these words of Sathya Sai Baba may sound, these words hold the key to reach the zenith of success, prosperity or even unity. A labyrinthine concept such as peace cannot be simplified and compounded into a general view. Thus, it’s intrinsic complexity lies in it’s subjectivity. For instance, peace for some may be the unadulterated sound of a gushing river, or the monotonous breathing tone of someone whom you share a bed with, or even the solemn groan of a machine. Although peace has recently acquired many symbolic forms and has been globalized as an issue, the authentic and absolute meaning of peace resides in a more simple and individualistic receptacle of tranquility.

Peace is not a journey, but merely a state of mind, a feeling, an emotion that invokes an optimistic sensation of harmony and condensed quietude. Peace cannot be expressed; it has to be felt within ourselves. It transports us into another dimension of the universe. This morning my voluptuous and tan brown Great Dane woke me up astonishingly early and signaled me to follow him to the terrace. The sky was tinged with a brush of orange and stroked with vivid lines of yellow, the moon was on one side residing in its solitude and the Sun on the other side showering me with its omnipotent, omnipresent and plenary warmth. Eternally restless squirrels were bolting up tall and triangularly symmetric Ashoka trees. An air of infinite freedom and tranquility escaped my body. My body succumbed to peace.


-Akash Goel

© 2013 AkashGoel

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Excellent write. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

its beautiful...thoughtful...peaceful...
thanks for sharing the wise words...^^

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A Story by AkashGoel