Chapter One: Home Sweet Home

Chapter One: Home Sweet Home

A Chapter by AllenDeAeon

(The first two i should have labeled prologue xD this is the real chapter 1)


...alone in the field the young man knelt, his face covered in blood. The sounds of battle still linger quietly in the background, but they are blocked out by a cruel laugh. A woman covered in a veil of golden light laughs, in her hands a bloody dagger and the body of a young girl…

Our story isn’t about you humans, about your cycles of what you call life. This is about the sparkly, emo, girly things that drive sports cars and go to high school and romanticize with teenage girls. This is a story about vampires, the creatures of the night, the lords of the shadows, blood drinkers and whatever else you call us. Vampires that kill and feed on humans, cattle, vampires that fought wars for secret domination and that brought into this world something that never was meant to be and will now always be a part of. As to not confuse you all, let me tell you a bit about us vampires.

Let’s start with correcting some ideas you have about us. Firstly the sun doesn’t kill us, even though we are creatures of the night and draw our powers from the moonlight. Daylight instead weakens our powers but even the weakest vampire is not badly handicapped by this.

Secondly vampires are not affected by things like holy water and garlic, where you humans got the silly idea that they do I don’t know. The only things that hurt other vampires are things that have vampire origin.

Thirdly a normal vampire bite won’t turn a human into a vampire, only a real powerful vampire, one that has lived for centuries could, but there is a way a vampire can turn into a human but it’s a closely guarded secret reserved for the most extreme punishments. 

Fourthly every vampire has powers, the things that made humans believe we could fly or mesmerize would be prey, we call them dark gifts. A vampire only gets stronger powers, and the only way to get new powers is too do something that is very bad and often ends up with the previously listed punishment.

Finally each vampire has a wild form, and creature that they turn into. It can anything from a mouse to a horse, also vampires have a feature from the animal that is displayed in there vampire form and can range from a tail too wings. The difference to werewolves, or mutts as vampires call them, is that we can control our transformations so that selective parts may be either wild or human shape.

Now let’s continues with our story. Our story also doesn’t being here in this battlefield, but it begins many months ago in a small pet store in New York….



Behind its glass window looking into the crowded store and small black cat slept.  It was a Birman of unusual appearance, its two ears were red and white, and its face  and body was jet black with streaks like that of blood, the most unusual part was it eyes.

A small tapping sound woke the cat, which peered up at the source of the noise. Like every cat, the pupils were slits, but the iris was a mixture of several shades of red that seemed to float together slowly, a crimson ocean with a black island in the center. The source was a small boy, his face covered in chocolate, as the cat rose to look at him the boy smiled and pulled his mothers arm.

“MOMMY! MOMMY! Can we get this one?” he cried out smiling as he continued to pull his mothers arm. The boy’s mother pulled him away leaving the cat staring out the window into the busy shop.

The cat yawned and started to lay its head down on its bed when another sound attracted it attention. The cat turned round in its small cage and two large hands pulled it out.

“Here mam-“the man said as he handed the cat over to a small girl “-and take good care of him” he said smiling, the man closed the cage and walked back into the shop leaving the girl alone. The girl sighed and looked down at the cat which had fallen back asleep, this time in her hands.

“Silly cat-“she whispered and walked out the back of the store and back home. After a few blocks she arrived at her small house. This girls name was Rose; she was 14 years old and lived with her mother in this small house located in the center of an older part of the city. Her father had left when she was younger and she struggled along with her mom to cope.

 Rose went down into the basement and put the sleeping cat into his new bed, a hand woven basket with a large cushion stitched to it. The cat yawned and moved itself into a more comfortable position; Rose smiled and stroked the cat then walked up back stairs to do some homework.

It was several hours later when Roses mom came home from work, Rose was busy cooking dinner as she usually did and the cat sat on the dinner table staring at Rose as she worked, its tail moving side to side slowly.

“Looks like you have a new friend Rosalyn” Rose’s mom chuckled, she walked over to the cat and stroked his head “Do you have a name for him yet?” she asked.

Rose turned and looked at her mother “Mom don’t call me Rosalyn, you know I don’t like it-“Rose turned back to turn off the stove and pick up two plates, she turned back and sat down at the table next to the cat and passed a plate to her mother then looked up at her “and I was thinking of calling her Lily” Rose answered. The cat’s tail began stroking Rose’s hair, Rose giggled and pushed the tail away “Stop you silly cat”

Roses mother laughed and sat down and began to eat, the cat jumped down and walked off into the basement. For a moment it paused and turned to the family and stared at them for a moment then continued on its way.

When it was finally quiet the cat crawled back up the stairs, and out the front door, it passed under a tree and disappeared into the shadows only to reemerge as a small boy with cat like ears. Allen pulled up his hood smiling like he did when he killed the priest several days earlier, as he walked off to find another meal before sunrise.

© 2010 AllenDeAeon

Author's Note

Same as my other chapters :p

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Caledon, Caledon Village, Canada

1st I'm a furry xD , so a lot of my stuff will have something like that in it 2nd I love horror & gore , so if you have any stories that fall into this call me and let me read! 3rd I don't get poems.. more..

Prologue Prologue

A Chapter by AllenDeAeon