A Poem by Allyson Wolfe

Skin golden, hair dark,
your greatness forever known.
Alexander! Warrior great, I wish you were my own!
You've traveled far and wide this earth,
the world in which you've grown.
The son of god and queen alike,
you've struck out on your own.

With battles won and battles lost,
there can be no debate.
Your bravery and prowess practiced,
you've everything that's great.
Alexander, Alexander what now are you to do?
For in this world of hate you roam,
your reign's end far past it's due.

Alexander, Alexander do you hear me cry?
I've loved you since the start my dear
but all you do is lie
alone and weep for memories of battles great,
a heart of hate.
Healed by none, for the Ares won,
your soul is his to take.

© 2012 Allyson Wolfe

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What a lovely historic piece, a great rhythm throughout I felt, well done

Posted 7 Years Ago

Ah I see that you like Greek Mythology as much as I do. I have to say that this poem is very well written. It is true that Alexander was called the son of Zues and that he fought many great battles within his time. Then got corrupted by power that later consumed him. His lust for greed and wanting to be a 'god king' were instilled in his mind. As I said very well written. I would like to request that you make a poem about the 'Illiad' just to see if you would be up to the task. I loved this. Keep writing my friend.

-Writer *78*

Posted 7 Years Ago

Allyson Wolfe

7 Years Ago

I've been thinking about a "Homeric"-type epic for a while. I'll see what happens. Thanks for taki.. read more

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Allyson Wolfe

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