The Revolution of Musica-Chapter 2-part one

The Revolution of Musica-Chapter 2-part one

A Story by Alwar

Second chapter of my original short story.

News spread quickly of Lance’s victory over the Rock Maestro on La Volpio, and soon Gunsmoke Revolt would be touring the entire galactic empire, all 21 planets. A new Battle of the bands world tour was set up against Nelos 5, the ultimate challenge to win back the 32 string was in the making, Lance was destined to recover the lost guitar and its master, Coheed Ragnorok,.  Nelos 5 retaliated with an assault on Caranthas, the desert planet where a large population of natives and villagers spent days trying to restore life to their well of  power which had died long after the year 32,000, but now the planet lay sleepy, its inhabitants slaughtered and broken. Caranthas was just another reason for the destruction of Nelos 5, they were trying to start a war and La Volpio, after countless years of silence, was ready to rise up and devour the planet and murder every last human in the process. Lance would train night and day, playing the conjured guitar with ease and never missing a note, Konstantin on the other hand would find a remote area where he could play the drums and focus his sheer might into ultimate destruction. Recently after the formation of Gunsmoke Revolt, Fullmetal decided to join the tour and use her alchemy in a way nobody had seen before, in a rhythmic matter. By transmuting sound into other sound through equivalent exchange, Fullmetal could create the sounds of a bass guitar from the sound of a bird chirping. With a small force of 1000 soldiers and a generous donation of a Large galactic battleship from Shelri refugees, Gunsmoke Revolt was well on their way for Galactic freedom. But only the Celestial giants could predict the outcome of such a war, and to Grom, the outcome was a bad one, the death of the new Hero could prove to be a hard hit against the universe and if so, the whole of reality would be consumed by fire. The stars will tell whether or not the hero will succeed, but I as creator, writing these words down in front of you, can end his life, I pray that my hand does not betray me, we can only hope…………….

Lance opened his tired eyes to the soft beam of sunlight trickling in through the cracks in his den roof, he yawned and stretched in order to regulate his heart beat, it was typical for him to make sure his morning started out right and that no imperfections could be detected. His gaze finally set itself on Catherine who was still sound asleep, watching her gave him joy, he found it comforting to know that she was happy, and that was all Lance needed to be happy as well. He glanced at the position of the sun and realized he was late for work, he had no time for a meal this morning and rushed off in a hurry. When he finally reached the clinic, his heart sank, it was in flames and he managed to catch Fullmetal in a crowd of citizens who had gathered to witness the blaze. Fullmetal sat in her usual calm pose and finally let out a sigh, “I knew that sooner or later something bad was going to happen, I could fell it, but it doesn’t upset me, do you know why Lance?” she asked him smoothly. “No miss, I don’t quite understand how you do not feel some sort of sadness for the loss of your livelihood” he replied, she shot him a awkward glance, “They said it was radicals who set it ablaze, no doubt it was those who worship the humans, but I do not feel sadness because I had lost something even more dear to me years ago, and this does not compare to it in the slightest”. Fullmetal had lost most of her family to a horrible accident that she never told anyone about, some say it was one of her own terrible experiments. Lance coughed into his paw and realized that he had coughed up a large amount of his own blood, he wasn’t feeling well all day but little did he know that a virus capable of destroying all of sight and sound was slowly growing inside of him and it was only moments before it could be unleashed, if someone was smart enough to extract it.

Days later Lance became very ill, he was quarantined at a military base outside of Rockclaw, scientists studied him closely but saw no real threat in his system. Lance started having breakdowns, the power of the Rock maestro was too much for him, it poisoned his blood. He would have brief periods of time where his eyes would turn a dark red and his pupils would enlarge to an abnormal size, his fur color would darken, his mind would betray him, it began to consume him. Catherine tried to comfort him, but at times the curse would cause him to attempt to kill her, it made her worry for him more than it did for herself. The next gig was fast approaching and all that could be done was used to try and reverse the curse within Lance, all had failed. Konstantin watched as his friend was being overwhelmed by destruction and pain, so Konstantin picked up his gun and walked over to Lance. As Konstantin lifted the gun to his friends head, he saw the
Pain in his eyes, the fury of the dying Rock Maestros soul within him. Konstantin quickly swung the gun around to a guard standing at the entrance where Lance was being quarantined and quickly pulled the trigger 7 times , the guard flailed in all directions, the blood dripping down from the fresh new wounds that riddled his chest, he was nothing but a dribbling fool after the shots. Konstantin didn’t hesitate and shot 3 more shots at the guard beside the first and the same outcome, blood flies through the air and the body thumps to the ground. Konstantin glanced at Fullmetal who read him clearly and picked up Lance trying to drag him out of the area. The group encountered 10 more guards who didn’t stop to ask questions and opened fire, Lance started to wake up and he was in no shape for a fight, but he also wasn’t one to take it lying down. Lance’s eyes started to glow and a small burst of energy knocked the soldiers off their feet, the ground beneath them turned into a portal blackness. The screams could be heard from the cover where the group was positioned, Konstantin poked his head out for a brief second and saw a pile of bones and blood spilled all over the dirt. They quickly made their way to their new shuttle,“ The Apocalypse”,  and left for the other side of the planet, Rockclaw, as Konstantin had expected, was filled with Human extremists. 

Broken and hurt, Lance continued to call Catherine’s name, he was in a trance, for the last 3 moons he had been a mess of a wolf. The immunity to the poison had become stronger in his body and he was able to move short distances, but the pain wrecked his veins stained his heart. Konstantin on the other hand, was trying desperately to locate Catherine, but nobody had seen her in Rockclaw since the night Lance was quarantined, while he waited he practiced forging weaponry and new means of combat for the assault on Nelos 5, he was well aware of the humans capabilities. Konstantin’s work was interrupted by a rustling noise coming from the cargo bay, instinctively he grabbed his firearm and trotted slowly over to the doors.
The noise grew silent, the doors flew open and Konstantin was thrown off balance, by the time he hit the floor, his muzzle was covered in blood. Catherine stepped in front of him, “you shouldn’t sneak up on a girl like that, I bite” she said with a giggle, “ I didn’t realize you were capable of disabling a ex-guard captain, are you interested in a position with Gunsmoke Revolt?” he replied casually. Catherine threw back the part of hair that was covering part of her face, she stared at Konstantin wearily before saying, “I’d be delighted to”. 

Konstantin led Catherine into Lance’s chamber, he was not in his bed, something felt wrong, the door to the outer loading bay was opened. The two wolves stepped into the dimly lit area, the room soon became filled with the sound of a massive gutiar riff, Lance was standing in the middle playing the instrument with such skill it made it look like child’s play. Two pure silver swords hung from scabbards on his back, and his fur was dark and his eyes red, he looked demonic. “it’s the poison, it made me hmmm stronger” he said with a chuckle before dropping the guitar, “I’m back and stronger than ever, let it be known that I will deliver ultimate judgement upon Nelos 5, and I will show no mercy.”. Catherine and Konstantin’s jaws dropped, they prayed for any souls to come face to face with Lance, to fight him would mean defeat, or better complete destruction……

© 2012 Alwar

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