If Love is...

If Love is...

A Poem by Amata Luna

"...a man can want but the greatest of them, the greatest is LOVE"




If love is blind, then it won't bring you to the right person,

If love is blind, then it won't take you with the better person,

If love is blind, then it would stumble upon the wrong people,

If love is blind, who's to guide it right on the right path to lead on?


Most people think love as blind to justify their actions

When wrong is wrong, admit it: you're wrong!

“Open rebuke is better than secret love”*

But how do you define love? How do you say "I'm in love?"


When you think of others better than yourself, you are selfless

When you think of someone's welfare better than your own, then you care

When you think of how they are and you would always ask whether they're okay, then you're both

But if it's just because of your personal emotions, then you’re lost


"Love is patient, Love is kind, it’s never envious, never proud,

It always honors, never selfish, never angered and keeps no wrongdoing

When there is truth love rejoices, but it hates as much seeing things in evil

It always protects, always trust, always hopes and endures so much”**


So if you love the other way, then you’re not true,

What you feel for is worldly and sees just what the fickle heart and mind do

“Love never fails…” but how often have you cried?

“Love is chaste…” but how often have you given in to temptations and lies?


When you love, love with faith, seek with hope and never wait for your own gain

When love is complete, it would never depart

It is a reflection of yourself and your love

In this world there are things that a man can want but the greatest of them, the greatest is “LOVE”


*Proverbs 27:5

**1 Corinthians 13:4-7, see more of the verses 8-13 for the latter part of this poem

© 2012 Amata Luna

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Added on January 7, 2012
Last Updated on January 8, 2012
Tags: truth, love, life


Amata Luna
Amata Luna

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A Poem by Amata Luna