Prequel + Chapter One

Prequel + Chapter One

A Chapter by Ang3l

The future has brought upon us a nuclear wonderland, vicious animals and roaming bandits now cover the surface. Humanity has fled beneath the earth's crust to live peacefully.


The prequel

It was the year 2018, war has broken out across the entire globe. In the beginning it was discrete, under the radar, Nations slowly began invading other lands for there resources taking what they could. Over the years the wars escalated, it was Russia that retaliated with the first nuclear weapon and from there on the bombs kept on falling.

 Nations began to forget what they were fighting for as the world turned into a nuclear winter wonderland, animals and humans began to lose their minds and become twisted and warped and without the help of the Governments civilians eventually took matters into their own hands. It was the year 2026 when the final Government was taken down by the "Winters Shadow". A massive organization put together by the people, for the people.

 However it was too late, the earth was already scarred by its inhabitants. Rotting and decaying slowly as more and more bodies fell to the nuclear radiation on the surface, thus creating The Wraiths, Dismembered figures of what used to be the life and soul of the busy planet are now the darkness that creep over the surface bringing destruction and misery.

 Everyone with a mind of their own lives underground now, in fallen cities that have sunken below the crust or prewar mines that are constantly collapsing and killing more and more each passing day.

This story takes place in San Francisco, one of the last known civilizations of mankind. The planet earth is no more then a dying corpse, This is Apocalypsia.

Chapter One

"Bring the Jeep around Axel! We’re heading out!" Angel can hear the Winters Shadow loading up to head back out into Apocalypsia to find more gas for the generators, he rolled over in his creaky bed laying on his back as he rubbed his eyes waiting for his vision to adjust to the darkness of his room. Eventually things started to come into sight, the rust of the sheet metal, his desk made of old decaying wood sitting in the corner with a pieced together computer chair settled up beside it. He was tired of looking at the dilapidated city, the war torn buildings and no solid ground to walk on; it was all rubble of the buildings that have fallen to the nuclear winter.

 "Hey Angel get up! We’re heading out!" Angel grunted at the knock on the door and pulled the old torn sheets over his head. "Go away Axel, I told you, I'm not joining you're group!" He heard scratching at the door as Axel made gurgling noises with a half chuckle, "What’s wrong Angel? Scared of a few Wraiths are we?" He laughed taunting him before kicking the sheet metal wall, sending a loud echo throughout the room scaring Angel as he flipped out of his bed landing on the so called "Floor" of his room which was nothing but packed down dirt.

 "God damnit Axel! If I go out this time it will be the last!" Angel heard a cheer from him as he kicked the wall once again, "Pack warm man! It's going to be a long trip!" Before Angel had a chance to reply he already heard Axel scampering away from his small shack. As Angel was standing up he noticed a piercing light near the floor, he looked curiously around his bed to see Axels foot went through part of the rusted wall near the floor leaving a good six inch hole. "D****t Axel! You know I don't let people put holes in my house unless I'm putting holes back in them!" He heard his sadistic laughing in the distance, Angel sighed heavily standing up brushing the dirt off his black jean skinny jeans. "I need to move out of here...”

He was awake now, suiting up for his journey through the wastes of what they used to call home. He was looking in the mirror pondering why he agreed to go out their again, his hair was a natural midnight black and straightened with blonde tipped bangs and slightly spiked in the back. The blonde of his bangs clashed with the black bandanna tied around his neck and the Kevlar hugged his small but built frame. 

He took a deep breath and blew his bangs away from his eyes as he slipped the 9mm Beretta into the holster tightly secured on his left thigh and pulled the combat dagger out from under his pillow, concealing it in his combat boot then began to strap them up and tie them. "Why am I doing this?" He whispered under his breath leaning back against the wall closing his eyes.

 "Hey man, were taking off in five, be ready." a deep mellow voice broke the silence of his thoughts, Gunners voice almost calmed him instantly as he stood up grabbing the M4 off the wall strapping the spare clip of ammo to his Kevlar vest. "No need Gunner, I'm ready. Come on in."

 The door squeaked loudly as it swung open, Angel looked over to see him standing there, Gunner A. Pressley. He was 6'4 and blocked the light from entering the room; He worked out constantly in any way possible from running to playing basketball at the rundown court down the way. His dark skin was riddled with Tattoos along his forearms and he had his custom tailored Kevlar on with a baseball cap hiding his bald head. "Hey man, you sure you want to do this Angel? You quit after the last run." He turned sideways to fit in the doorway and grabbed Angels rucksack filled with even more ammo and Rations.

 "Ya Gun, I'm sure. Besides, as long as I have my "Gun" by my side I should be good right?" He laughed at the terrible joke giving the big guy a hug; his one arm engulfed Angel almost completely. "Alright brother. Just remember, you stick near me and were invincible. The others are waiting on ya, Axel is bouncing off the walls at the fact your coming" Angel gave him a grin, taking the rucksack out of his hands and throwing it over his shoulder. "As you can tell, I'm sooo excited that I get to spend more time with him."

Thunder cracked in the distance, somewhere above Apocalytia's crust as Axel was loading up the last of the equipment into the second Jeep. The Jeep was a sage green with blacked out windows, slightly rusted along the sides due to the age of the vehicle. "Hey you lazy a*s! Are you going to help me load up or what!?" Axel yelled from the trunk of the second jeep, He was a tall but slender guy standing about 6'1 with black hair and red streaks hiding under his bangs. He didn't wear a Kevlar vest like the rest of the group, instead a slim black sleeveless T-Shirt hugged his small torso and tools were stuffed in random spots along his belt and pockets of his black jeans. "Hell no Axel, if you're going to drag me along you can pack the trucks." Axel sighed heavily blowing his bangs up away from his face, "You’re a jerk, and you know that?" He threw the last bag into the back of the truck slamming the trunk shut and walking to the driver side laying on the horn.

 "Hey! Were packed and ready to go!" Over the next five minutes the team started showing up, Vick, The second driver other than Axel. He was a short guy around 5'5 and very skinny, He preferred to wear the more average clothing, currently he was wearing a baseball cap and and a white T-shirt stained with grease from working on the engines of the run down jeeps. Kayla, Axel's current fling of the week, she had short hair with a blonde streak running through the blackish blue. Her Kevlar vest jingled with pockets of single rounds from her Kar98k (German single shot rifle) and her pants were normal blue jeans ripped up with random drawings she had come up with in her dark twisted mind, And last but not least, My brother Gunner.

 He wasn't really my brother but we have been through more trenches and Wraith bodies then anyone currently living in the city of San Francisco. "So what tunnel are we taking?" Angel said as he swung open the passenger side door on one of the jeeps, Axel grabbed the bike rack on top of the vehicle pulling his body up and swinging his legs into the open window on the driver side. "Tunnel B6 in east district, fun stuff right?" Angel paused half way in the car, glaring at Axel, "Tunnel B6 is a death trap, it’s already been confirmed that there’s a Wraith nest in one of the off tunnels and the whole place is falling apart!" The car turned over as Axel Revved the engine loudly with a huge smirk, "Scared Angel? Come on, it will be fun!" He laughed punching Angel in the shoulder as he sighed slamming the door. Kayla slipped into the backseat behind Angel pulling out her Kar98k and loading a round into the chamber.

 "Good morning Angel, decided to not be a little b***h and join us?" She laughed looking at Axel who had a huge smile on his face; Angel used the door to support his arm laying his head on his window. "What are we waiting for? Let’s get the hell out of here." He mumbled under his breath, Axel grinned and hit the gas heading out the East District Tunnel, you know there’s going to be something wrong when you can already smell the scent of decaying flesh and Iron as soon as you pass the threshold of the city walls, It was so strong Angel pulled his bandanna over his nose and started checking the clip on his M4. "Well, I guess the reports are correct..." He said slamming the magazine back into the rifle. We weren't going to leave these tunnels until we worked for our way out, and that meant gunning our way out through possibly hundreds of Wraith bodies and climbing a mountain of spent shells.

© 2012 Ang3l

Author's Note

This is just a rough draft, please any tips would be highly appreciated as well as pointers and telling me about grammar/spelling errors.

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I like it seems like a combo of fallout 3 and Swan Song by robert McCannon. I can't help with spelling and grammar since i suck at those. But story wise i imagine the group has to be low on bullets if the war started in 2018 and its now 2026 perhaps have some other weapons or since they live underground do the mine for the materials for gunpowder and use geothermal to help power everything? Just a thought nice job.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


I like it seems like a combo of fallout 3 and Swan Song by robert McCannon. I can't help with spelling and grammar since i suck at those. But story wise i imagine the group has to be low on bullets if the war started in 2018 and its now 2026 perhaps have some other weapons or since they live underground do the mine for the materials for gunpowder and use geothermal to help power everything? Just a thought nice job.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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