Afraid or Not?

Afraid or Not?

A Poem by The Last Poetic King


What really scares you about death?
Is it the fear that you'll never see those you love again or?
Is it the fear of the unknown, never knowing, where your soul goes?
Does your body just rot in the dirt? Is this all that there is?
No paradise after, no eternal bliss
No grand circus in the sky

Did you really care when that boy died driving down I-69
Hit that telephone pole, his body bent and broke,
No, he wont be coming home

Did you really care when that poor boy starved in the streets?
The very streets of a country polluted with greed
Nobody seemed to give a damn and you showed little to no sympathy

Are you afraid to die?
Do you ever fear that nobody, not one, will bat an eye?
All those who claimed to love you just seemed to pass by
And never a second thought, never a second glance,
Not a single goodbye

Are you afraid to die?
Do you believe that your soul is pure enough to pass beyond those pearly gates?
Believing all your past mistakes can just be washed away within the blink of an eye?

Are you prepared to stand and take your judgement?
Are you willing to serve the sentence of your crimes?
Do you really think you're the purest soul on this plane?
Do you think that in the next life things will be forever changed?

Are you afraid to die?
Are you afraid to die?
Are you afraid to die?

Stand in front of the court and admit your crimes,
All the wrongs in your life, all the moments you lacked a conscious,
Are you prepared to serve your sentence?

Do you think that your money will save you from this?
Do you think that you can buy your way into heaven?

Well for you, there is a seat in Hell
And I believe that's why you're afraid to die
Afraid to stand up and admit your crimes,
Afraid to serve the time that you sowed so carelessly in life

© 2015 The Last Poetic King

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This is one of the best poems I have read on here! I'm going to check out some of your others.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on June 12, 2015
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The Last Poetic King
The Last Poetic King

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