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“Run!” He heard Sarah say to him in panting breaths, “Through that door!”

He looked ahead of his steps to see a perfectly black door with a single red handle. It looks daunting - like nothing good could await then on the other side. Worse yet, they knew that there could be something wicked waiting.

In the Dreamscape, they never know what to expect - only to expect all things in all forms.

“What are you waiting for?! Just open the damned door!” She shouts at him because he hadn’t realized that he was frozen in thought. What waits for them?

One door in the Dreamscape leads to another Plane. There are different planes within the Dreamscape. The door can be locked, which meant they had a Dreamless. It could lead them to Nightmare, Daydream, or - as most commonly referred to as, just Dreaming.

He places his hand on the door handle and turns, but it doesn’t open. “F**k!” He shouts angrily, voice trembling with fear. “Come on!” This time it is a growl of frustration, and he looks over his shoulder to see Sarah nearing.

A tall mangled creature runs after her; long arms down to its feet dragging its claws across the floor. It’s a completely black figure, tall and thin, and it reminds him of one of those stick bugs on a tree. It makes a screeching noise and leaves darkness in its wake. The floor caves in behind it, and the dream they were in melts away into an abyss of nothing.

Not that they were in a particularly active dream anyway. This one is just an endless forest; bright and green with sun and the dewdrops of rainfall long since passed. It’s a pleasant warm dream of a girl frolicking through a sweet childhood memory. At least, it was.

He turns away from the door and pulls a long silver blade from seemingly nowhere. They’d have to fight it or die. “Go find Corbin Marks, Donna. Find him! Tell him that the Dreamscape is torn.”

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Added on April 12, 2018
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