Night on Bald Mauntain

Night on Bald Mauntain

A Poem by Balance

A tribute to Modest Mussorgsky (1839–1881). this is a composition Inspired by Russian literary works and legend. Mussorgsky made a witches' sabbath the theme of a 'musical picture' titled St. John's.



Devil sitting on mountain, calling around:

Get up and rise, the dead souls from the ground

There is a smell of disease in the air

The view looks like a scary nightmare

They're coming, getting up from their graves

The king of shadows crave for a rave

Skulls, dead bodies

Pieces of bones

Rotten flesh slides on the stones


Arriving at the mountain and start the climbing

Dark night with fog and lightning

They start the celebration of the dead

The mood is starting to be mad

Till the last drop of blood

That's already gone by the order of the god



Take a look at the horror

This is the time of death

The devil deserves the honor

From sharing this night with himself

All the night in this wicked place

Until morning arrives

Dancing in the flames

This party is alive


"This is the night of the witches of Sabbath

This is the night of the restless souls

I'm Chernobog the black demon

On this bald mountain I control

Summoning the evil that I create

To my mangy, revolving ode of fate

All goodness is burning to ashes

My vale of tears, the spirit it thrashes"




Do zla boga

Drowning in sorrow and grief

Infinite eyes scream in agony

Abusing became amusing

But suddenly the Angelus Bell tolls

So sweetly sounds for listening ears

Disgusting peace embrace

While hosts of darkness fade and cower

"The bash is over, March to the tombs to recover

Save some power cause it's not the final hour"

Until next night when once again you will:



© 2012 Balance

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Added on June 17, 2012
Last Updated on June 20, 2012
Tags: devil, blood, air, night, demos, witch, scary, satan, bones, mountain, god, grave, light, mad, soul, party



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