A Chapter by MiMi

Everything begins to unfold.


Chelsea leaned slightly the right as so she could hear the banter that was going on in the next room. Her black hair streaked with pink and purple draped around her left shoulder so it wouldn’t hinder her from hearing anything. Footsteps grew near as she stood there, catlike, golden eyes half closed. The footsteps stopped just ten feet shy of where she stood. Chelsea turned slowly to face whomever approached. There stood the petite girl she had worked with for six years, Cassie. The small girl stood at five foot tall and had short, curly, punkish chocolate brown hair that stopped at her shoulders, large, round deep chestnut eyes stared at Chelsea with blankness.

“Eavesdropping?” Cassie inquired.

“Yes,” she replied dryly.

“Damien will be angry with you,” she stated in a pragmatic tone.

“What else is new,” Chelsea itemized.

Cassie had to admit, in all the years she’s worked with Chelsea the boss had never quite liked her. He had always victimized her. Had even gave her the poorest of jobs in Wonderland; she was to track down the Resistance and bring them to their knees or bring them down. No one knew where the Resistance was. They moved from location to location every day. So there wasn’t even any guessing as to where they could possibly be. But never the less, Chelsea took her job with pride and did her work with care. While Cassie’s job was quite simple. At least, it was in her mind. She was to do research on the four Children of the Moon that the Hatters chose as options for Wonderland. Find information on them and report it back to them. Cassie was good with books, they were her calling. Which is why the job was easy for her. She supposed it was also the reason why Damien had given her the job. Everyone in Wonderland was given a nickname, hers was Caterpillar. While Chelsea’s was Cheshire Cat.

“They’ve escaped!” bellowed the boss from the inside the other side of the door.

Chelsea went back to her previous position while Cassie continued walking in the same direction she was before she stopped to chat with her.

“I-I don’t know how this could have happened, your Majesty!” pleaded the voice of the eldest of the Hatters, Alexander.

What could they possibly be talking about that’s so bad it’s gotten Alexander stuttering? she thought to herself.

Alexander stood his ground. His broad shoulders pulled back confidently and his blonde hair falling into his pale face and teal eyes that shone with authority. He was the youngest son of the last head Hatter. His brothers already chosen as a Hatter being that they were all older than he was. The black trench coat he wore was beginning to make him sweat. He had already taken off the black, velvet top hat they were required to wear. Alexander wasn’t fit for this sort of life. He was only twenty years of age, just one year older than the tallest of them. Xavier was always harsh with him. He acted as if Alexander were centuries younger than himself. Alexander looked around the enormous room that he and the King were in. Lamps and other fragile things were scattered brokenly around the room as the King threw more and more around, pretending to aim for him but missing by mere inches. He didn’t flinch nor did he move from the spot where he stood.

“The Children of the Moon have escaped!” Damien bellowed, hurling yet another priceless lamp in Alexander’s direction.

“Yes, your grace,” he spoke calmly now. Stuttering like he did before was a terrible mistake that he wouldn’t let happen again.

“Speak confidently and with meaning when you talk to Damien,” The words of Alexander’s father, Ramon, raging through his head.

Alexander planned on taking that advice to his grave. Those words were the reason Ramon had been the head Hatter for five years until he passed away just six months ago. Six months ago, that’s when Alexander was given the place of his father as the head Hatter. His brothers; Stark, Hansen, and Matthew were dismissed as Hatters when Ramon died.

“I’ll take care of this,” he said, head down. His head was tilted down but his eyes remained on his Monarch.

This was not the life he would live. He would break free of Wonderland and make a life of his own.

Cassie locked the door to her room. Laying down on her bed, Cassie closed her eyes and began to wonder why the affinities the Children of the Moon had were so important to Wonderland. All these years Cassie’s been working for them but she’s never really thought about why they were so dead set on capturing the Children of the Moon. Then again she supposed it wasn’t her business so she dropped the thought and let the situation be as it was.

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