Chapter 1- Traveling to the unknown.

Chapter 1- Traveling to the unknown.

A Chapter by Beverly Jane

"What was going on?"


I sucked in a deep breath as I walked outside to mailbox. Today wasn’t any normal day, I could sense that. It was my birthday yes, but that wasn’t my reasoning for feeling that it wasn’t a normal day. Something else was going to happen, and whatever it was, would change everything. I opened the mail, flipping through it dully. “Junk, junk,” I mumbled to myself but stopped in my tracks when I saw the bottom letter. It was from the Film School in New York. I smiled real big, and slid the other mail under my arm.  I slowly opened it, fighting down my excitement. My eyes bugged open, at the word accepted and I nearly jumped out of my skin. My film career was starting! This is what was changing everything. I looked at the mail box once more, making sure I had not missed anything.

My eyes went wide when a saw a small box in the mail box. I pulled my eyebrows together in confusion. Where in the world had that come from? I shook my head grabbing the box, and walking into my house. I set the package and the other mail on the table, and picked up my cell and dialed my moms’ number.  “Happy 21 birthday honey,” my mom exclaimed happily into the phone. I chuckled softly, “Thanks mom.” “Are you going to come over to get your present after work?” she asked. I smiled softly at how sweet my mom was. “Yes, right after work I promise,” I assured. “Oh, wait,” I nearly yelled. “Yes dear?” my mom laughed. “Guess what I got the best birthday present ever in the mail this morning,” I smiled.

“Darn it, I had hoped that would be me,” my mom faked disappointment.  I bit my lip in thought, “I got accepted.” “What?” my mom screamed in excitement. “Yep,” I articulated the p. “I’m off to New York soon,” I giggled. My mom sighed into the phone, “Although I’m ecstatic for you, I am going to miss you.” I leaned myself against the counter in my kitchen and looked over at the little box I had yet to open. “It’s okay mom, I’ll be back before you know it,” I promise. I looked up at the clock and my eyes went wide, “Mom I have to go still got to stop by Sandy’s bye love you.” My mom sniffed softly into the phone, “I love you too my baby.” I smiled softly and ended the call.

I glanced over at the box and rolled my eyes. I walked over picked it up, and surveyed it. I scrunched my face up in thought. It was just a plain white box, no address, no name. I opened it to see a gold locket. On the front was engraved my name, Addie. Strange, who would do such a thing? I shrugged, shoving the locket into my pocket. Then I rushed out the door, and into my car.

Once making it to Sandy, my best friend’s house, I walked up to the door and knocked. She opened the door, and her tanned face lit up. She squealed, taking me in her arms. “Hey sissy,” my voice was muffled in her shoulder. She giggled pulling me away, “Happy Birthday!” “Happy Birthday,” I took in her figure. She was tall, tanned, with long dark hair and brown eyes. She was wearing, a red tutu with black skinny jeans, and a Pokémon Pikachu shirt. “Got anything interesting for your birthday?” Sandy wiggled her eyebrows playfully.

I laughed, “Well one great gift, and one rather interesting one, you?”  She nodded, “One rather interesting gift also. What’s your great one?” “Oh, only that,” I mused. “What?” she snapped. I stuck my tongue out at her, “I got accepted.” She jumped up in a happy rushed, “Awesome!” I smiled, and then remembered my necklace in my pocket. “Oh now on to our rather interesting gifts?” I asked raising my eyebrow. Sandy nodded reaching into her pocket, and I did the same. I looked to see a silver locket in her hand, and my eyes went wide. I handed her my locket, and she handed me hers. Hers was exactly the same design as mine. Except hers had her real name; Sanchezca. “Whoa,” we both spoke at the same time.

“I wonder what’s inside,” Sandy wondered as we handed the necklaces back to each other. I shrugged, “I didn’t even think about it.” I popped it open, and Sandy did the same. Before I could even take a look a bolt of light took me in. “Sandy?” I panicked. I felt the air tightening around me. The whole world was spinning in a rush. What in the hell was going on?


The next thing I knew, I woke up in grass. I looked up to see tall trees hover over me. I squinted my eyes in confusion. I sat up slowly and looked around. Trees went on for miles. I looked next to me to see Sandy sitting up. “W-where are we?” her eyes widened at our surroundings. I shrugged standing on shaky legs. I reached my hand up to help her up.  My eyes landed on a man, oh what a man. “Who are you?” I questioned looking him up and down. He jumped off the horse. He stood tall, with thick dirty blonde hair that came to his chin. He had gorgeous blue eyes, which felt like they went on forever. He wore a white baggy button up shirt with a vest on it. A few of the buttons were unbuttoned at the top revealing some of his chest. I had to keep my jaw from dropping when I looked at the tight pants shaping his body perfectly. His boots came up to his knees. I could not take my eyes off him.

Our eyes met and he smiled. I bit my lip looking away. “I am Sir Peter of Chaza my lady,” his voice was calming but rough. He looked at Sandy, “Sanchezca.” Then he looked at me, “Addie.” My eyes bugged out, “How do you know our names?” He chuckled softly at me, and walked around his horse grabbing two more. “Jump on, we need to go before Olga’s guards find out you two are here,” his statement rushed. I placed my hand on my hip, “Excuse me? We don’t even know you!” Sandy looped her arm into mine and nodded in agreement. A look of frustration entered his face now, “Addie climb on the horse.” I turned my head to hear horses and screaming in the distant. I looked at Sandy, who shrugged in response. I sighed heavily, what else could we do? I nodded hopping on one of the horses, and Sandy did the same.

The horses dashed in motion, but mine was startled by a horse with some horrible looking Orc kind of creature riding up beside me. My horse bucked, and my heart stopped. I let out a terrified yelp hitting the ground harshly. I groaned, trying to sit up. The ugly Orc creature was coming towards me with a cruel smirk on its face. Oh dear God, where were we? He grabbed me by the throat, and I began to kick. I chocked for air, and then the Orc loosened its grip dropping me on the ground. I sucked in the air selfishly and let out a tired sigh. Peter threw the dead Orc creature to the side and grabbed me by the arm onto the horse. I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist letting my tired body relax against his warmth. My body began to tingle, and slight blush crept into my cheeks. Fear made my breathing quick, and Peter put his hand on my shoulder rubbing it soothingly. “Shh I will not let anyone harm you,” he assured me.

I felt my body relax slightly at his assuring words as we came to a halt. Peter jumped off reaching his hand to help me off. I grabbed it and it felt as if the whole world just disappeared. I stared down at him as I hopped down and he still held my hand. Our bodies were so close, I could feel his warmth. Our eyes were locked for a few seconds until Sandy spoke interrupting the moment, “Now why are we here?” I pulled myself away from Peter standing next to Sandy, “Yes that would be pleasant to know.”

He smiled warmly at us, and gestured for the cave opening. “If you would please come in I would love to tell you,” he walked towards the cave. Sandy and I looked at each other and sighed. He did save me from those ugly Orc creatures… I nodded walking towards the cave Sandy following behind. 

We walked into the cave, it was out lined in statues and paintings of kings, queens, and different creatures.  In the middle was three beds, a green one, blue one, and purple one. Each bed had a canopy, and a chest at the end of the bed. I walked over to the purple one, and saw that my name was carved into it. I sat on what I assumed was my bed and Sandy took a seat on the blue bed. “Can you explain it to us now?” I groaned.

Peter nodded standing in front us, his shoulders back, his chest firm…

I shook my head and forced my attention on his words. “You’re in Chaza, a different world from yours although this is originally your home,” he spoke slowly. I stifled a laugh, “Chaza?” Peter rolled his eyes at my outburst and continued, “Chaza is filled with several different mythical creatures, and among these creatures are fairies. You two, Sanchezca, and Addie are fairies.” I couldn’t hold back my laugher any longer, “Sorry but, to burst your bubble sir, but you must be mistaken.” Peter rose an eyebrow at me, “What else would explain this? How you arrived into this strange land of Orcs, which you have encountered already.” I squirmed uncomfortably realizing he was right. Sandy stood firmly, “Show us.”

Peter walked over to Sandy reaching out his hand for hers, she grabbed it standing. A pang of jealousy entered my chest. I shook it off, watching as he walked her over to the blue chest. He whispered some words in her ear, and she nodded with slight secrecy in her eyes. I rolled my eyes frustrated, secrets now? Awesome. Sandy bent over, placing her hand over the key hole on the blue chest. All the markings on the chest began to glow, and Sandy’s eyes glow a bright blue. The markings lifted off of the chest, and onto every pore of Sandy’s body. Right before my eyes, Sandy’s hair turned to a beautiful sea blue color. My eyes went wide, as large beautiful feather like wings grew on her spine ripping through the back of her Pikachu shirt.

Her ears, also came to a sharp point. Everything that made Sandy well Sandy was gone. She was now this beautiful mythical creature that you would only see in story books.

“There’s some clothes, you might want to change into seeing as your shirt has been ripped to shreds,” Peter gestured toward the chest. Sandy felt her wings and her eyes went wide in disbelief. Then she looked down at her once, perfect looking Pikachu shirt and made a pouty face. “Aw man,” she whined walking towards the chest. I giggled slightly at her as Peter came towards me, “Do you still not believe?” I looked up at him stubbornly. He reached his hand out, his eyes sparkling. He bent down putting his mouth next to my ear, “Let me show you a world of magic.” I felt a chill rush down my spine. I stuttered slightly on my words, “I-I,” he lifted me to my feet with a grab of my hand. I stared down at our hands wide eyed.

Sandy walked in, smiling. My whole body became warm in excitement as I stood frozen in front of the purple chest. This chest having my name carved into it, being purple, had different beautiful symbols all over it just like Sandy’s once was. Peter reached over whispering in my ear, “You are the key, to the treasure inside you.” With tingling shaking pale fingers I reached to the key hole. The symbols on the chest started to glow slightly, even though I had not even touched it yet. “Your power is strong,” Peter stared at me in amazement. I placed my hand on the key hole and the whole world shifted. Light took me in, and I saw a small tiny baby just born, with purple eyes. A woman, the mother possibly, smiling happily; evilly. A man, possibly the father, frowning; in despair.

The woman placed her hand on the babies little chest, and her eyes grew red. Her red hair flamed like fire above her head. Her face held a need in them, a want. What did she want from that tiny baby? The baby’s body surged up in pain, and she let out a wail. Suddenly pain formed its way through my entire body, and I lost the vision falling. When everything shifted back to normal I was on the ground Peter and Sandy staring at me wide eyed. I gasped for air in shock. What just happened? I tried to stand on shaky legs only to fall back to the ground. “Are you okay?” Sandy asked worriedly. I shook my head yes, and looked at Peter pleadingly. I didn’t want to worry anyone, I just needed help up. Peter nodded, grabbing my arm softly and lifting me up.

“What did you see?” Peter questioned. I blinked, was that baby me? There’s no way, that woman looked nothing like my mother. Wait, my mother. My eyes snapped to Peter. “H-Have we never met our actual parents?” I wondered out loud. Peter nodded helping me to the bed and setting me down. I looked over at Sandy who was now wearing some kind of blue fighting armor. She walked over to my now plain purple chest, and pulled out a similar purple fighting armor. She walked over placing it by me, and I smiled at her and looked down with troubled eyes. “I saw a baby,” I gasped for air. I felt my heart race rush in nervousness. What did I see? Peter placed his hand on my shoulder, “Change, and then rest. We shall continue in the morning.” I stood finally able to feel strong in my actions, “What if we don’t want to be whatever you want us to be?” “You mean saviors?” he rose his eyebrow.

I bit my bottom lip, saviors? This is our original home obviously, we are these magical strange characters. I reached up touching my wings the texture was soft like cotton candy. “We are your heroes? Your saviors?” I mulled. He nodded yes, smiling slightly. “I want to help,” I picked up my head up reaching his soft blue eyes. He smiled ear to ear, and nodded looking at Sandy. “Sanchezca?” he asked. She nodded not speaking. I looked at her furrowing my eyebrows, but shook off my worry. I walked to the washroom staring into the large mirror sitting on the wall. I looked at my full body, tall and slender. I had long deep purple hair that stopped right before my bottom. I had bright purple eyes, and every inch of my skin was covered in glowing symbols. My wings, oh my wings, they were large, and beautifully feather like.

I reached up moving my hair, to see my ears were also pointed. I smiled slightly, at my still pail reflection. I stared at my now long, slender fingers. I could barely recognize myself. I was this beautiful mythical creature, which I never even thought I could be. I slipped off my clothes, that I had on which my shirt was torn to shreds by the way. I slipped on the fighting armor. Surprisingly it was comfortable, and soft to the touch. I walked out, feeling slightly exhausted. Peter stood as I walked in and bowed, “Rest well my ladies, we shall start training tomorrow.” Sandy and I nodded smiling. I gave Sandy a nod and walked over to my bed laying in. I stared at the canopy in thought. This was a lot to take in. Was this going to be scary? Is this where we’re meant to be? “Addie?” Sandy spoke. I turned my head to her, “Yes?” “We’re in this together right?” her eyes held a certain type of fear in them. I smiled kindly at her and nodded, “Of course.” “Promise?” she sniffled. “Pinky,” I reached over untwining my pinky in hers.

That’s how we fell asleep. 

© 2014 Beverly Jane

Author's Note

Beverly Jane
mmm. This Peter character ay? Come on guys, what you think?

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I couldnt feel that much excited on your birth day, that girl did take care of everything not to hurt you. Nice feelings expressed in much detail. I am loving your feelings and emotions as you write.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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