My first love

My first love

A Poem by bianca

I started to stop hoping
That I'll have you again,
But something tells me you're going to come back.
And our souls will unite again.
So many evenings and mornings without you,
So many dreams in which you no longer make your appearance,
So many hopes were lost after you left.
Your messages are etched in my mind
And I can't let them go to become
Some simple memories of my past.
I like to hurt myself
When I think about what it would have been like
If nothing had separated us.
You are a tattoo on my heart
Which I can no longer delete
Even if it all tells me to give up on you.
I want to hear your voice once more
Because I forgot what it sounds like
And that hurts me.
I forced myself to watch you,
But tears flow and flow,
Our memories return at midnight,
And my hand still wants to catch on to yours,
But you're too far away,
In another world that I can't get into.

© 2022 bianca

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It is that longing after a break up that hurts the most. The feeling of not being with the person, or not seeing them as much as you used to, the heart ache, the sadness, the rejection all boiling up inside. Sometimes they just weren't meant to be forgotten, something about them was so special that without them it's a huge hole in your heart, or ... shall I say a tattoo that can not be deleted.

Posted 1 Year Ago

First love makes an impact not likely to be forgotten, even decades later. Mine died at 26 of muscular dystrophy. We had parted a couple of years earlier, but his death had a huge impact on me. You are still grieving here in your lines. The memories hurt you. You say he is in a different world and in a way whether he is no longer on this plane or unreachable on this one, is irrelevant, you can't have him. Sad indeed when the longing is there. Understandable lines that others will relate to Claire.


Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank u so much, Chris! I really missed ur words and you made my day better. For me was a teenage lo.. read more

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Added on May 3, 2022
Last Updated on May 3, 2022




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