Where it all began

Where it all began

A Chapter by Brittaney

They've given me such a short time. The sun is growing closer to its rise and the end. The sands of time drop slowly, bringing my misery to a halt. With each grain another memory flashes in my mind. The good, the bad, the love, and the hate, each without prejudice, join the torrent that has been my life. They gave me a choice, write my story or let it fade into nothing for no one else will know the truth.

I warn you now, my story isn't fanciful or adventurous. Its just the tale of a boy turned a man in rough times. And once you begin there will be no turning back. Even now my history over comes me.

Still here? Well here it goes...

It began long ago when war was wild and death was heavy. Since the dawn of time the immortals kept their existence hidden from the humans. They might have forever remained cloaked in the shadows had they not grown cocky. Fighting broke out between the different races of the immortals as they fought just to fight. It didn’t take long for the human officals to discover the truth.

With their emergence came their death. Mortals grew fearful and attacked the immortals. First with little skirmishes then with full out attacks. War raged for over a century with no end in sight. Elders gathered and a dicision was made. What they needed was a medium, a demi-mortal. It was decided that the Fae would grant a group of humans with magical abilitys, giving birth to the spell caster race. These humans remained mortal but would possess the ability to grasp the magic and knowledge of the immortals.

It didn’t work. The mortals considered the spell casters just as vile as the immortals and began war on two fronts.

Diane Ser was a second generation spell caster. She was the first born of two demi-mortals and considered a true blood of the new race. There was a lot of hope in her and she raised to the call. Diane was an elegant necromancer, her powers matching the Fae in abilities. True to their promise, she was brought into the Seelie Kingdom and trained under their best instructors.

Fearing for her life, the Seelie King appointed his best knight, Sir Fairth third in line for the throne, as her guard. Fairth vowed to protect Diane with his life and prepared to die for her. They lived in the same hut and went everywhere together, so there was little surprise that they fell in love.

It was forbidden for the fae to couple with the demi-mortals. The product of such mating was unknown and feared. Fairth and Diane struggled to keep their love hidden, finding it hard to resist the need to just touch. Those around them suspected but everyone held their tongue. At least until Diane became pregnant.

The Seelie king found out and became enraged. He stripped Fairth of his noble title and knighthood then banished the two from his kingdom for life. First the couple went to the Unseelie queen and was turned away with a sneer. With no where else to go, they settled down in the war torn city and waited. Their son was born six moths later.

Fearing for his son’s life, Fairth took the boy and snuck into the unseelie kingdom. He contacted friends and begged, pleaded, and bribed a couple to take the boy in. He prevailed, leaving only the boy’s mother’s pendent behind.

That boy was me. I am Crevan, half Fae half Necromancer.

© 2009 Brittaney

Author's Note

Comment for everything. How else will I get better?

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Added on June 17, 2009



Corpus Christi, TX

Hi, my names Brittaney. Im twenty-two years old. My dream is to one day be published and become a well known author. My target audience is late teen early twenty's. Mostly people that want to read.. more..