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True Meaning

True Meaning

A Poem by Brittany DeFranco

What I wish and think how life should be, how I used to feel trapped in darkness and I've been brought out into the light


I longed for forrgiveness

from suffering of injustice

I've believe hate would give me justice,

yet it is what we do ourselves

in life that harms us,

so the real answer to injustice

is really love.


We must beware of the evil

that fights within us

that spreads darkness among

the world about us

love is not a commandment,

but a need,

a need as deep as despair.


The true meaning and purpose of life

is to feel happy, to feel joy,

it is why evil will always

conquer itself in time,

we must live and be free,

life is wonderful,

be all you can be and let go of the past,

it is nothing but shadows.


I have suffered as you have suffered,

but we all must protect one another,

have courage to face the truth and future,

so no longer I feel sad or guilty,

listen to me well;

for love's greatest art is to listen

I've opened a path

that will free us at last.

© 2010 Brittany DeFranco

Author's Note

Brittany DeFranco
I wrote this almost a year ago but I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^

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Deep and intense thoughts. Well-written! ^_^

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Hello Brittany :)
I think that it would be easier on the eyes if you could make the font a little more readable. Sometimes, it's better to just keep the plain black font, just because it's easier to read.
I liked your idea of evil/love. This was consistent throughout the whole poem.
However, sometimes I feel like you jump around on different ideas. It gets a little confusing at times.
Overall, I think this was a really nice poem, great job!

Posted 14 Years Ago

the poem had a good flow and just felt more expressions could be added, the color of the font is too bright and flashy... otherwise the poem was good! i enjoyed reading it.... could you read my poem "my fair maiden" and "creepy" and give your comments

Posted 14 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on March 9, 2010
Last Updated on March 25, 2010
Tags: true, meaning, life, love, despair, anger, purpose, role, joy, happy, evil, good, truth, path, listen


Brittany DeFranco
Brittany DeFranco

Brandywine, MD

Hey, I'm Brittany DeFranco and I'm a writer of course. I'm trying to write some stories and hopefully have them published. I write Fantasy, Romance with Action included. I'm always up for a great st.. more..