In The Beginning

In The Beginning

A Chapter by Brittany DeFranco

A very creul beginning for the very start of a story full of betrayal and desire. This is only the prologue Yoko and Yuki are brother and sister, one is a forbidden creature that must die by angel law


   A harsh Blizzard blows across the dark forest, where a village of Angels live. Everything was quiet and all the lights were hidden. It was too good to be true at midnight to Lucinda; the time to runaway has come. She gave birth to twins five days ago and all the angels believe the father was an angel among them, one of her friends.

   The man promised her that he wouldn't tell; he wasn't the father of her children. Aki knew she went out to meet a man, it was against their laws that they wouldn't love demons or else a daek angel would be born.

   The dark angel would grow up to be a cruel killer like many in the past. But Lucinda didn't care; this boy and girl are her children and she'll do anything to protect them.

   Aki was her friend and they were dressed for the blizzard. He carried Lucinda's baby girl, Yuki, and she carried her son, Yoko. It was time to make her escape to her love so that they could start their familyy in peace.

   They ran across the Snow through the storming winds. It was hard when carrying a child, but they have to survive. Aki will leave Lucinda at the bottom of the mountain where her demon lover awaits.

   The Children were wrapped up in a warm blanket, but the young girl started to cry. Babies can feel the emotions around them, and Yuki could feel the tension and urgency in both her mother and Aki. Though Yoko was sound asleep, Lucinda held him close as she hushed poor Yuki.

   "If she keeps this up, then we're sure to get caught." Aki whispered to Lucinda. She knew he was risking his life to help her, Aki and her child's death will be her fault if she doesn't escape.

   Lucinda stared at both her children, wondering which is the dark angel. Yoko has his father's mystical violet-grey eyes that she loves, but has her blond hair. Yuki has her father's jet black hair and these demonic red eyes that neither of them have.

   She had to ask her love, Lazzerith, why she has such dark features.

   A Light flashed behind them, revealing where they're running. Their shadows stretched across the snow and to the forest. Lucinda turned and caught a quick glance of the Elder and her other best friend, Ivory, running towards them with two men.

   Aki grabs her arm and pulls her away. "We must keep going!" Both were about to spread their wings that came out of their backs, but the two men stopped them by flying right in front of them and using the ice to freeze their legs so they can't move.

   "I assumed there was only one traitor, but two? Aki." The Elder stared at him with her piercing Amber eyes. "Why would you help this woman and her monster?! This beast for a child?"

   Aki glared behind his dark brown hair, calling his best friend's child a monster was hurtful. Lucinda chose him to be the Godfather of both her children. She even chose Ivory to be the Godmother.

   "She's my friend, whatever she chose to do with her life is fine by me!" He argued.

   Ivory was about to say something, but Lucinda willed her to keep out of it. She stared at Ivory with eyes of sorrow, she couldn't bare to lose both her best friends and her child. Especially since Ivory is expecting herself.

   The Elder snickers, she wasn't as old as anyone would think; just the most powerful in this village. She took Yuki from Aki's arms and stands back, glancing at one of her men.

   He nods and waves his wrist towards Lucinda as the ice moved her legs to get at a small distance away from Aki. She faceed him now and she was starting to tear up, knowing what is about to happen.

   "Aki. Your judged here and now. Your punishment; death."

   "No!!" Lucinda screams as the Elder snapped her fingers. Aki's body went up in flames as he screams in agony.

   Lucinda held onto Yoko as tight as she could while she couldn't do anything, but stand there and watch her best friend, who was like a brother to her, burn alive. The flames danced across his skin until there was nothing left.

   Aki's burnt corpse fell to the ground as Lucinda's tears feel from her eyes.

   "Now which punishment should I gift you?" The Elder has never been this mean to anyone unless they broke the laws of her people. Or so Lucinda thought as she glared at her with all the hate she had within her.

   "You think my child is a monster?! Your the real monsterous beast!" Lucinda cried, making sure Yoko was in a tight grip so the Elder wouldn't take both children.

   The Elder shook her head, "child, you've done a horrible act. It's your sin and this beast is a curse, it must die."

   "No! You can't have my child!" Lucinda argued.

   As they argued, Yoko and Yuki's energy started to go out of control and it was so powerful, you could see the misty dark and light energy swirl around everyone. Both children cried feeling this power within them as more angels watched from the village in fear.

   "It's the boy, both children has decided to show their power now." The Elder says in amazement mixed with fear as well. She looked over at Ivory and nods her head, signalling her to go to Lucinda.

   Ivory walks slowly towards her best friend with so much sorrow and guilt in her heart for what she is about to do by law. She has talked to the Elder and told her that if Lucinda did give birth to a dark angel, then Ivory will give Lucinda her punishment.

   She couldn't do it to her, but she made a promise to Aki to try to help Lucinda. Hopefully Lucinda will understand why Ivory had to do this.

   Ivory opened her arms for Lucinda to hand her the baby boy. Please forgive me. Trust me, we can talk later."

   "No!" Lucinda cried even more, believing her best friend has betrayed her. "You'll kill him, you can't touch my child!"

   Ivory ignored her plea's and took Yoko into her arms and held him tightly as the two men came behind Lucinda. The ice melted and the guards grabbed her arms as Ivory followed the Elder from behind all of them. She didn't want Lucinda to look at her.

   They walked through the woods as Lucinda cried tears the whole way to a steep cliff where she tried harder to struggle to get Yoko away from danger, back to her love, Lazzerith, to safety.

   Ivory walked past Lucinda without eye contact to the edge of the cliff. She looked down through the misty blizzard and she couldn't see the bottom of the 20 story cliff. Ivory was afraid, guilt overcame her as she held Yoko for dear life, What seemed like forever, was only minutes as the Elder grew impaitent.

   "Don't feel pity for a beast! Ivory, it will kill us all if we allow it to live!" She shout out to Ivory while holding Yuki close to her chest.

   "Please, no! You'll kill my baby!" Lucinda begs over and over again. "I'll leave the village if I have too, if I can just keep my children!"

   The Elder shook her head with her brown hair covering her face. "Child, you may keep the girl, but the boy must die."

   "Don't do this!! Please!" Lucinda's cries carried over on the blizzard's winds.

   Ivory looks down at Yoko's calm face, his violet-grey eyes stared up and met hers as if he could understand everything. "I'm so sorry. Kill me if you must if you come back...." She whispered. Her arms released Yoko as he fell down the cliff without touching any rock. Ivory chants a few words and stands there watching below, crying.

   "No!! You killed my son!" Lucinda fell to her knees, wishing that things could be differeny, that she never came back to this village. There's no reason to be here anymore, but she would be watched so she couldn't leave to see demons ever again.

   "No! You can't have my child!" Lucinda argued.

   As they argued, Yoko and Yuki's energy started to go out of control and it was so powerful, you could see the misty dark and light energy swirl around everyone.

© 2010 Brittany DeFranco

Author's Note

Brittany DeFranco
A cruel beginning, but it's not over yet, I'll write the 1st chapter soon and I'm sure you'll love it as much as this one if you read it. Please review!!! I'm begging you as much as Lucinda did for her child in the story!

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GAHHHHHH! I need more! Mind sending me a read request when you have more? I love this. It was really good writing. :3

Posted 10 Years Ago

Sigh* I started and it pulled me in as I read more. Looking forward to reading all of it once it's done.

Thanks for sharing

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I loved this and am looking forward to more!
Very emotionally charged throughout, and very well written!
From the way you described the children, the yin-yang imagery is very fitting and I'm sure it will play a key part in events to come...

Posted 13 Years Ago

Ahh, I almost started crying while reading this. Could be because i'm just having a hectic day >.<
I loved this!! VERY powerful and very emotionally moving :) I just loved it! The ending being a repetition of one of the earlier passages really added emphasis.
Nice job! I look forward to reading more :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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