Dear Astronaut.

Dear Astronaut.

A Poem by Bullet Soul

Dear Astronaut,


Year ago you flew up, into the starry skies

Never knowing of the battle, that awaited ahead

That would prolong your search, for oblivion


Turbulence shook your aircraft to pieces

Your shield was snatched, in the dead of night

Soon you were falling, in the violent arms of love


The planets rain down beside you, as your feet start to touch the moon

Waiting in his arms, as he holds up the stars, to save your tortured soul

Happiness does feel so real, when your heart is lost in space


 One summer you spent, fighting love’s tides

Never knowing, stars lights don’t glow forever

Then slowly you felt, his grip start to loosen


One phone call changed it all, as tears stung bleeding eyes

Trust is a fragile kiss, still planted on his lips

As you then learn, it’s hard to fall from space


The trip back to earth shatters you, into a thousand pieces

As the stars slice your smile, dimming through the night

Until all is black, from the ground below


When you look up, you see the man you used to love

But realize now, that fate still must go on

Though you are bruised, you still must win each future battle


You may have lost one simple fight

But still a war, rages on through the night

Load up your guns, and protect your dreams


They’ll build you a bridge, straight to your future

Don’t forget that you’re loved, through many tears

And you pain is not forgotten, though the battle surges on


Feel the light against your skin

It’s darker in space, after all

Welcome back to earth, astronaut


Don’t let life slip away.

© 2010 Bullet Soul

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Added on January 8, 2010
Last Updated on January 8, 2010