The Day The Music Played.

The Day The Music Played.

A Poem by Bullet Soul

In our world, there are only two things of importance. Music, and love. If one is lost, we must still remember the existence of the other. We must remember hope.

We remember the day, the music could not play.

The chorus of angels, lost heaven’s tune
The notes seemed to fade, right at their lips
God’s chorus disappeared, right off of the stage
Leaving only the memory, beneath their feet
As they flew to the heavens, in the blink of an eye

Tortured souls began to mourn, and evil rose through the night
Without God’s music to tame them, the world morphed into chaos
Violence took a toll, on the angels that still walked among us
Happiness was lost, as they strayed away from the Kingdom
Then Glory slowly disappeared, and lost was every mortal

Who forgot the day, when the music once played.

Thousands of years have passed, since the day
The music was lost, and could no longer play
Our world lay in pieces, as each creature cries
A Heartbroken Lord, still reigns from above
Even his own music, can’t take away the pain

But slowly a thought, comes alive in his mind
He’s found a way to save, the world beneath his feet
And so through the night, he sends out his call
He summons his angels, and tells them what to do
By morning he’s created, love for me and you

The lost meets the found, in arms born to protect
She meets him, in a world we thought we could not save
Each soul is enlightened, with a heavenly fire
A spark that still lives, in each of our souls
Our hope in a world, where no music plays

Some still will stray, away from the light
Doubting a reason, exists for this life
But still waits repair, in each of our souls
The gift God has given us, for better or for worse
Remember you’re loved, and continue your fight

And remember the day, that the music once played.

© 2010 Bullet Soul

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A powerful and beautiful story. We need the Angels to play music to soften the cold and hard heart. God must be sad to see what man had done to each other and the land.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on January 10, 2010
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