The Devil's Funeral.

The Devil's Funeral.

A Poem by Bullet Soul

Be there.

The ink draws lines across my skin

As the thoughts race through her mind


How can I be there?

For a girl I thought I’d left behind

When tears met each, darkened eye.


I’d been there since her childhood, a sparkle in her eye

Watched her from the beginning, with one thought in my mind

If fate one day agrees, that girl will soon be mine.


But hope can be so fragile, for a man with but a dream

And a girl with tears of demon blood, that trickle down each sleeve

For love’s own sake, how could he be there?


The palace gates would slowly shut, if a man like him approached

A summer romance, with adventure at his heels

Those late night talks, still held a presence in her mind.


Her parents were hysterical, could not approve of love

But still she tip toed through the dark, to find her place inside my arms

We spoke of ways we might escape, riding horseback through the night


Desire alit, and alive in our eyes

A romance forbidden, by each of the Gods

Yet still we longed, for just one taste


Then one night we had a moment, that lasted until dawn

Surely they were searching, for the girl asleep beside me

But still each night she found me, tempted by my love


Until the day I found, a note typed in her urgent scrawl

Met her at romance’s gates, but there was met with scorn

As her real prince drew a knife, into my bitter soul.


Yet, be there, she writes, with a hand still deep in love

Be there for my wedding day.

As once again, my soul begins to bleed.


How can I not be there, for the girl whom I share love

Risking love’s death, I knock upon her door

To find romance in shreds, with bruises in each eye.


I grab the knife looped in the belt; I wear for love’s protection

A smile alit upon the face, romance seems to adore

Wait until he sees the devil, standing at his door


A wedding turned into a funeral, with blood beneath my nails

Romance hides a smirk, upon her pretty face

As her devil’s met with scorn


Each night we now spend, beneath our castle’s stars

Her pretty face still glowing, inside her lover’s heart.

Damn right I’ll be there…

© 2010 Bullet Soul

Author's Note

Bullet Soul
This is a weird one I randomly scribbled down. I wouldn't say it's good. I wouldn't say it's decent, either.

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Added on January 12, 2010
Last Updated on January 12, 2010