Paper Winged Angel.

Paper Winged Angel.

A Poem by Bullet Soul

Eraser marks cover her hands

As she tries to erase, all that she created

Scars and abuse that torture her soul

A paper winged angel, with blood red tears


She grabbed a knife, and sliced up the clouds

Was kicked out of Heaven, when she started to cry

Dressed in black, down here on earth

Faced with laughter, from every mortal


A paper winged angel, with wings that tear

Each time she tries to fly.


The angels whose wings, were made with lace

Smile as she falls, and cries those bloody tears

Laugh when her wings, take on another tear

In Heaven you won’t see, a paper winged angel!


She turns to the devil, her back now on God

Chants him her praise, loud through the night

The angels are fearful, as she brings God disgrace

Closing the gates, of Heaven’s light


A paper winged angel, with wings that tear

Each time she tries to fly.


But still in the morning, she turns to her window

And gives God the prayers, of a tortured soul

Begs for the grace, of the other angels

Sobs through the night, her blood red tears


One night by the water, our angel lost her breath

As her feet touch the bottom, in the river of love

Invading the lungs, of a paper winged angel

Who had so much life, left to give.


A paper winged angel, with wings that tear

Each time she tries to fly.


She hangs her head low, when she’s back in the clouds

Death was cold, in the river of love

She knows God will condemn, her paper wings

She’ll be thrown straight to Hell, and they’ll burn in the fire


But as she approaches, God gives her a smile

One full of such life, she bows at his feet

“Stand up, angel!” he speaks,

“Time to replace your paper wings.”

Fear jolts through her body, she expects the worse

Flame or forgiveness? She wonders aloud

With another smile, God pulls off her wings

And grabs her another, silkier pair


Wings made of lace, just like the other angel’s

But hers were most beautiful, of all here in Heaven

“I pronounce you the leader, of every angel.”

Her mouth opens in awe, at her Lord God’s forgiveness


A paper winged angel, with wings of silk

That rules the Heavens, straight from above

© 2010 Bullet Soul

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A powerful poem. Description and story was outstanding. You create a character and expanded the story with each line. We must fall down to be able to see the truth. A excellent poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I really loved this poem, the emotions you expressed and the metaphors used were great. Great write.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on January 20, 2010
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