Country Roads.

Country Roads.

A Poem by Bullet Soul

You'll see!

Sometimes at night I dream of the rain
Alone on the countryside, as we walk together
Dust follows us slowly, on the black road beneath us
Our hands form a bond, no soldier could break

We never saw that rain, as it poured from the skies
Alone on the countryside, all I thought of was you
Your presence beside me, put each star to a shame
You were brighter than the galaxy, in all of its depth

I never though I deserved that love, being the girl I was
Flip flops and blue jeans, barefoot in the summer
Never wore makeup, until I turned sixteen
No care in the world, until I met you

A quiet boy in overalls, trailing far behind
In an old country schoolhouse, with rain against the windows
I had no umbrella, so you offered me yours
That day began a romance, that has yet to end

And we traveled home that gravel road, chatting all the way
I learned your name was Christopher, and you loved the color blue
You told me I was beautiful, and I blushed bright as the sun
You were my first crush, and still are to the day

Ten years to the day, I wake up with a start
As it rains against the window, and memories awake
Pull out the old photograph, of the girl I used to be
Hand inside the pocket, of the boy she’d always loved

Turn to look beside me, where my true love sleeps
Ten years from this moment, we had dirt beneath our feet
As we stood on love’s gravel road, your umbrella in my hands
The countryside memory, I know I’ll always keep.

I remember the rain, as it dripped on our feet
When we tried to take the picture, of that old dirt street
Where happiness was captured, between a destined pair
Each day I cross that road, I feel that romance in the air.

© 2010 Bullet Soul

Author's Note

Bullet Soul
There are a few images that tend to always come to my mind, sometimes at the most random of moments. One of them is two people on a dirt road, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. No matter where the road takes them, they've formed a bond that will last no matter where they travel.

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I love, love, LOVE this poem. I like how it started out as a childhood romance, and it grew over the years into an amazingly strong love. My favorite line is "Our hands formed a bond, no soldier could break". I really like the setting of the poem as well. Your words created an image in my head almost immediately. Very nice poem. I really enjoyed reading it, great job!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on February 2, 2010
Last Updated on February 2, 2010
Tags: love, romance, desire, drowning, lost, marriage