Story Idea;

Story Idea;

A Story by Bunnycorn

Just a short story idea. Feel free to use it for your own gains.

There once was a small village. It was a very peculiar village, surrounded by a deep, dark ocean. The leader of the village was a fallen queen, chased from power by a demon, and her loyal servant, serving as her guard and right hand. Both swearing vengence on that witch brought them there. Along with them was a small girl, seemingly trapped in time. Deathly fearful of men after her fathers abuse, and eventual death at the hands of her now "lover", a murderer whom had reformed and sweared to serve, herself a noble whom had been napped by bandits and turned into their slave, having been left crazed after her mothers death. She escaped amd went on a killing spree.
The former slave was scarred-inside and out, she was broken and a w***e, a liar who would use anyone to get what she wanted, but she'd no goals, and she'd fallen for a girl that had sacrificed herself. Her dreams would often turn back to those long, cold nights of forcibly taking c**k after c**k, rendering her infertile when she was still very young, she secretly lusted for them, if nothing else to have a purpose again.
The village will one day burn, the inhabitants slaughtered, and only the girl will remain. That is the eventual fate of the small village.

© 2017 Bunnycorn

Author's Note

Feel free to use for your own gain. I can write more on any of the characters. Was just a short thing I wrote up on skype.

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Added on March 28, 2017
Last Updated on March 28, 2017
Tags: story, idea, sad



Auburn, WA

Feel free to rework any of my poetry too how you see fit, but please, atleast say that the original was created by me, and that you just reworded it. :P. Also, currently looking for someone who can h.. more..