The Three Gods Of Weaponry

The Three Gods Of Weaponry

A Chapter by JesusSonOfGod

    THE LEGEND TELLS of three Gods of weaponry sworn their eternal life to protect the three weapons of chaos. No one knows how or who created these Gods, but each one were assigned to guard a specific weapon in the most horrific place. 
    THE FIRST GOD named, Xexon was placed into the deep core of Kudon. Kudon is a cavern full of pathways with many hidden secrets enough for a mere mortal to go insane. There's many huge centipede-like creatures that crawl across the endless piles of human remains, waiting for another impure mortal to curiously adventure into their waiting caves. There are many pathways that lead into a dreadfully toxic atmosphere that quickly rots away flesh. Within the core holds a golden spear. It's 10 feet long and the large arrow head is sharp enough to cut through stone. The spear is known for piercing the hearts of the wicked; given the name 'Koron'. Xexon specializes with spears and swears his life towards to spear. Xexon has a half African man upper body, and a purple bull lower body. He's covered in bulking mussels and deep scars from centuries of battles with evil for the spear. Xexon is also the most feared by his enemies because of his incomparable strength.
    THE SECOND GOD is Venus. She's the most beautiful and majestic God anyone has ever laid eyes on. Her eyes flares red with passion, but also the hate of her enemies. Her hair is a blue flame that fuels her life source. She has red clothing with spikes on it and a long ripped up black cape. She has been assigned deep within a volcano. Many humans has came across this widely spread out volcano but have no means possible to pass though the steel like outer crust of the volcano. Many have thought of trying but fear of a massive explosion of lava and ash forcing havoc across the land. There are massive wicked creature

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Added on January 21, 2015
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Like so many people in this world, we all sin. I'm a strong believer of god and I've been taken away from my lord twice in my lifetime. But now iI refuse to give into the devil and pray from my hear.. more..