(You are elsewhere now. I have our letters and words shared. You loved the word. I will keep you alive

my dear friends. We can die but good people stay with us in heart and mind forever.)


These are not my poetry. A great lady was a friend on Writer’s cafe. I just want her words to be read again. I have got permission from her dear mother. Please stop by her site. When we read an old or new Poet. We give them life and purpose again. Touch her name and it will take you to her.




A Poem by Christina May Shanaberg

Inspired by Branch Isole’s daily comment for October 11!


The past is indeed the past;

The present is here and now;

Tomorrow is a future, perhaps,

We’ll be lucky enough to know.

© 2011 Christina May Shanaberg


Death, Black, and Blue

How many more young men and women have to die?

Whom will be the next victim of your war;

My son or, maybe, your sweet daughter

Will return home tagged, as to who

Needs to be draped with Death, Black, and Blue.



Make sure the flag is folded, quite properly,

Before you hand it to the grieving family;

You want to shove it in their tearful faces;

You’re the power; taking kids, without any traces.


My baby died in your ridiculous foreign war,

Never knowing he was a hero and so much more;

And, Mr. President, is it all that you can do

To cover my child with Death, Black, and Blue.


Mr. President, whom do you think you are,

Offering our sons and daughters your war,

When we hoped for them to have so much more.

Take away your flag of Death, Black, and Blue;

Give us back our glory of Red, White, and Blue.



How many more dead children need to be carried by you, before you realize that yours might be the next?!

© 2011 Christina May Shanaberg


The Keys

Motherly advice for a daughter on her wedding day!

The Keys

I have but one thing left

To give to you, my sweet;

I give to you my keys

To happy, lasting marriage.

If he is happy be happy;

If he is sad be happy;

If he is angry be happy;

If he is mad be happy.

If you are happy be happy;

If you are sad seem happy;

If you are angry seem happy;

If you are mad seem happy.

Happily, agree with all;

Then, do what is right;

Most important of all



© 2011 Christina May Shanaberg