A Story by Chase Weik

This was really just for fun and I loved writing it, but I figured I'd try writing something different for Halloween. I hope that you enjoy! Happy Halloween!


The Clerk: The store’s lights sputtered in and out for one last time, a final breath to a long awaited ending. The storefront grew cold as the life poured from the isles through the windows. His blood mirrored the moon with flawless accuracy and his body lay staring through the ceiling, into the stars. I was glad that he stayed with me to watch the store crumble around us. Forever.

The Customer: Another lamp crashed to the floor. From the way I heard it I would have guessed that it came from the back of the store. I probably would have made it if I played it safe, and if I had gotten my hearing checked. His knife plunged into my chest and peeked through my back. It was as if I had been doused with water and frozen slowly after the initial surprise. He moved my body to the front of the store and there I lay, expressionless and without motion, eternally staring into the stars. Alone.

Allison: Sunday was her least favorite day. It was typically quiet, but today the constant drone of people outside was enough to drive her mad. Accepting the fact that she would be awake until after dusk she went to stretch the exhaustion out of her arms, only having her palms meet with the mahogany door of her casket.

© 2016 Chase Weik

Author's Note

Chase Weik
I try throwing the reader into a random scenario that isn't necessarily scary but gives you something to think about this Halloween. Only the first two really pertain to one another. This was just for fun, but I am open to any constructive criticism. Hope you enjoyed!

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Added on October 31, 2016
Last Updated on October 31, 2016
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Chase Weik
Chase Weik

Litchfield, CT

I am an aspiring writer living in CT. and attend Wamogo Regional high school. I have always believed in writing as an escape or way to express myself, but I also just love to tell a good story here an.. more..

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