Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Church

Working in the junkyard.


The hinges screeched as the door to the yard was pushed open. A girl looked around the yard for a moment before spotting a pair of feet below a metal contraption. She stared at the small framework for a moment before grinning. 

Taking in a deep breath, she yelled “Jim Hawkins!”

The feet beneath the framework jumped. There was a loud clang and a curse before steam rapidly began to spew from underneath. Quickly, a dolly slid out from below, the man on it coughing. 

Springing up, he ran to the side of the contraption and began to hit a multitude of switches. The steam slowly stopped issuing from the framework. Turning, he looked at the girl while wiping the soot and steam off of his goggles. He stared at her for a moment, before shaking his head.

“Amy... Don’t call me Jim,” he said before laying back down on the dolly and scooting it back under the metal contraption.

Amy walked over to the dolly and put a booted foot on it, dragging him back out from under the metal. Crossing her arms she said, “Oh come on Jim. I got my brother to watch the counter for once and you want to work on your... what are you working on anyways?”

Looking up at her, he sighed. “My name isn’t Jim. Stop calling me that. As for what I’m working on...” he trailed off, looking back at the metal. “I was trying to make a one person airship before you caused me to rupture the main cable feed. Now I’ve lost pressure in three pipes, and a few of the coolant hoses actually melted because I hadn’t got to insulate them..” He shook his head before trying to push himself underneath it once again.

She kept her foot on the dolly, not letting him move. “Fine. James.” She stressed the a sound, drawing it out. “I’m sorry. Do you need a hand? I’ve only got a few minutes before I’m needed back at that the shop. You know my brother doesn’t like working the front.”

Sighing, James sat up and pushed the goggles from his face, pushing his dark hair back in the process. “I’ll work after you leave. I have to search through the scrap piles for the hoses I need anyways. Who knows how long that’ll take..”

She grinned down at him and pulled the dolly back with her foot, pulling him away from the tiny airship. “Good! I haven’t got to see you in ages as it is!” She let the dolly roll a bit before stopping. “Although now, I can barely see you beneath all that soot.”

Pushing down the red scarf covering his mouth, he reached into his overall’s pockets. Pulling out a handkerchief he started to wipe his face. “I wouldn’t have been if you didn’t yell...”

Rolling her eyes, Amy walked over and pulled the handkerchief out of his hands and started to wipe his face down for him. “Boys and their toys... And why are you building this?”

James sat there, letting her clean his face. When she was finished, he said, “Have you seen the streets? The skies? I need a way to get from the our junkyard to the Royal shipyard a lot quicker. I’m hoping this thing will be small and maneuverable enough to do that...”

Shaking her head, she arranged her skirts and sat on the dolly with him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she said, “Seriously. There are days I think you’re more dedicated to your ships than you are to me.”

Grinning, he turned back and looked at his machine. “Honey, I think she’s on to us.”

Amy laughed before lightly head butting him. “Ouch. I guess I know where your loyalties lie. I’ll go now.”

Before she could get up to leave, James pulled her down. Sliding, she fell on top of him. Looking up at her, he grinned, before kissing her lightly. “You know full well where my loyalties lie.”

There was a cough from behind them. Amy scuttled to her feet quickly while James stayed laying on the dolly. “Hullo Dad,” he said with a sigh.

“Mister Hawkins! I, um... It’s good to see you again,” Amy said after a moment.

“Hullo Miss Nition,” he said, stroking his mustache. Crossing his thick arms he turned to James. “James, when I told you to come out here and work on your new little beauty, this is not what I meant.” Amy blushed as James rolled his eyes.

“Don’t worry, it’s not impeding business any more than usual,” James said as he lowered the goggles back over his eyes and pushed himself beneath the airship.

Briskly, James’ father was beside the airship and pulled his son back out from under it. Looking down at him behind a pair of goggles, he said, “Why don’t you take a break and take Miss Nition home?”

James looked at his father for a moment before nodding. “Alright dad.” He stood up and began to gather his coat.

Walking over to Amy, Mister Hawkins handed her an envelop. “Give that to your father when you get back to the shop,” was all he said before heading back inside.

Looking over the envelope, she turned it in her hands. She looked questioningly at James as he pulled on a short work jacket. He shrugged. “It’s probably just about your father’s airship.” She nodded, before linking her arm with his. He shook his head, before walking toward the junkyard’s tall gates. 

© 2011 Church

Author's Note

This is the first chapter and probably the cutest thing I ever wrote. Don't worry. Cute doesn't usually last long with me.

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