Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Church

James talks to Devon, Amy's brother, and witness the planned execution.


James tapped the counter. Sighing, he shifted in the seat once more. Looking at the one clock in the room, he shook his head. Amy had been gone for a half hour. He had filled out ten more orders. He still had his own work to do today. It would take him about a half hour to walk back to the junkyard. Groaning, he leaned back in the chair, looking up at the guns on the wall.

Standing, he placed his hands on his hips and leaned backwards, cracking his back. He began to walk along the walls of the shop, looking at the many guns mounted on the wall. There was just about any type of gun one would want. Pistols, rifles, shotguns and even an old fashioned muzzle loader decorated the shop’s walls.

He stared at the pistols for a moment. There were multiple single shot pistols and revolvers. There were even a few hybrid revolvers, mixing handgun and shotgun. James stared at them for a moment before moving on.

He was never a shotgun man. Too loud. Too noisy. Too forceful. It was like taking a hammer to a pressure gauge. Staring at the wall of shotguns, he saw all sorts of gauges, including an eight gauge. The amount of shotguns available were staggering. He stared at it a moment before moving on.

Next was the rifle wall. His eyes were immediately drawn to one with two barrels. He touched it lightly, smiling slightly. Behind him he heard a cough. Spinning, he started to say, “Welcome, how may I help you?” 

“Well, good to see one of you lot is responsible,” Devon said, leaning on the counter. Pushing his wide brimmed hat back, he looked at the rifle James had been touching. Cocking his head, he nodded. “It’s been a while since you two went out shooting. Hell, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you two together.” He pulled a small package from under the counter and tossed it to James.

Catching it with his left hand, James looked at the small pouch. “Thanks. I forgot I left this here.” 

“Just remember not to light up in here.” Devon said.

James nodded. “It’s been busy at my dad’s shop. The Navy has been needing more and more repairs as of late. We’ve been working around the clock to make sure that their ships have been fixed by the time they need them.” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “We haven’t had much time for anything lately.”

After a moment, Devon nodded. “We’ve been busy with the Navy as well. It’s odd when they need to come to a local shop instead of relying on their gunsmiths.” He shrugged. “They’ve gone through a lot to get these pirates.”

“A lot more than usual...” James said, almost to himself. “I wonder why?” His eyes fell back onto the rifle.

Devon shrugged. “Who knows what those crazy Navy b******s think? I don’t care in the slightest.” He sat down in the chair behind the counter. “They pay good coin for simple guns. Unimaginative. Boring,” he said the word like a curse. “They do what they’re ordered. I really don’t care why they went after these ones so hard. Better the pirates then the people.”

Shaking his head, Devon looked back at the rifle as well. “When are you going to buy that thing already?” he said with a sigh.

James laughed. “Like I have need of it.”

“Yeah, well, you always used it when my sister was teaching you how to shoot...” Devon’s eyes narrowed. “Or was that just an excuse?”

James laughed again. “No... no, we practiced shooting.”

“With that gun or...” Devon raised an eyebrow before laughing himself.

Shaking his head, James said, “Don’t you have orders to fill?”

“Shows how long you’ve been gone. I’m already done.” Devon grinned as he leaned back, putting his feet on the counter. “All the orders so far. I just need the parts to cool, then I put them together.” He smirked.

James blinked. “Well... good job.” Turning back around, he looked at the gun. “Make sure not to sell this thing, okay?”

“I don’t think my nutter of a sister would let anyone else but you buy it. Don’t worry.” Devon shook his head.

The door to the shop banged open, causing both men to look. Muttering under her breath, Amy walked in, slamming the door with her feet. “Disappears the second he walks into the crowd! Laughs as he hears me yell for him! Just... D****t!” she cursed. She stood in the entrance of the shop a moment, breathing heavily.

Pushing his hat down, Devon said, “So I take it you didn’t find him?”

Walking up to the counter, Amy pushed his legs off of the counter, almost making him fall off of the chair. “Of course I didn’t find him! You know how he is. The second he’s out of the shop, we never see him!” She kicked the counter.

Catching his balance, Devon just looked at her. “He’s busy. You know that.”

Rolling her eyes, she sighed. “I had to deliver a letter to him from Jack. He probably wanted it delivered right away.”

“Well... next time we see him then.” Devon said before shrugging. Looking up at the clock, he paused for a moment. “Hey. James. Take Amy to the execution. She needs to calm down before she scares away any potential customers. You wanted to find out why they hunted so hard. Perfect.”

Amy stared at him. “Are you actually volunteering to man the counter?”

“No... I’m trying to get away from your complaining! Now get out!” He grinned at James as Amy turned. Rolling her eyes again, she began to head towards the door. Shaking his head, James followed.

Outside, the were not nearly as packed as they had been when James had entered the shop. Grabbing his hand, Amy began to walk quickly towards the center of the city. Their footsteps echoed off the empty cobblestone streets. Tugging at the scarf around his neck, James pushed it even lower. They could see farther than usual this close to the center of the city. They could breath deeper.

Turning a corner the saw the clock tower and started to run. As they got closer to the city’s center, they could hear the roar of the crowd slowly increase. This close to the center, carriages were parked on the side of streets. Scattered groups of people were also running in the same direction, chattering amongst themselves. Every now and then, a man in a red coat could be seen eyeing the people.

Turning another corner, they could see the grounds where the executions were being held. A large platform had been erected and many bodies were all ready hung on the gallows. More people were being brought to them and were being fitted with what could only be nooses. 

Looking at the stand, James shook his head. A huge crowd separated them from the stand. “Everyone in the city has to be here...” Amy muttered, staring in disbelief. James almost didn’t hear her from the shear noise from the crowd. Still holding her hand, he looked up at the buildings in the courtyard. After a moment, he squeezed her hand. Looking up at him, she followed his gaze and grinned. 

Together, they moved along the outside of the crowd and made it to the building. Looking up at the tall brick building, they grinned. Letting go of her hand, James tugged at the ivy growing up the front of the building. When it barely budged, he slowly put one foot on it. Lifting the other foot off of the ground, he nodded and began to climb. Pressing her skirts closed, Amy followed. 

Every now and again the rough vines would slip in James hands. Looking back, he would point over to another section of ivy and Amy would start to climb in that direction. Slowly, James made it to the top of the four story building. Pulling himself up to the thatched roof, he turned and offered a hand to Amy. Looking up, she rolled her eyes but still took it. He pulled her the rest of the way.

Carefully, they situated themselves onto the roof so that they could see the execution grounds. James squinted. He could make out figures and colors, but couldn’t tell exactly what was going on. Reaching into his jacket pockets, he pulled out a different pair of goggles and slipped them on. The gallows suddenly jumped closer as he looked through the telescopic lenses. 

Even as the Royal Navy was cutting down the bodies of the pirates they had hanged, more were being marched up to the gallows to follow their comrades. The sound of the trapdoor opening beneath their feet could not be heard this far out, but they winced all the same when the ropes went taunt.

This process continued for a few minutes before someone wearing a bright red coat walked towards the center of the gallows platform. Raising a white gloved hand, he waited. Slowly, the roar of the crowd began to lower.

In his other hand was a strange cylinder. Raising it to his mouth, he began to speak. “Citizens of the Empire! The Royal Navy has finally brought the dreaded pirates that have been plaguing your poor countryside to justice! For too long they have attacked your trade shipments. For too long they have waged a guerrilla war against this Empire! But no more!”

The crowd cheered. Raising a hand, the man begged for silence. “As your city’s Captain, I promised you these men! And I have kept my word!” The Captain paused again as the crowd cheered. 

Behind him, a man was slowly escorted up the gallows steps. The two men dressed in red coats forced the man to his knees. Looking up, the man shook his head, causing his long ragged hair to spread. Grinning, he looked crazed. Two more men in red coats walked up the gallows carrying halberds. 

“Now! The man these pirates call captain will be executed to end this terror once and for all!” The crowd cheered again. 

Walking towards the man, the Captain asked, “Do you have any last words, Roger?”

Grinning up at the Captain, the man nodded. Getting into position, the two men gripped their halberds. “Yes, I do.” Looking out at the crowd, Roger laughed. “You all stand there and cheer. Keep it up lads! Follow these men to yer graves! You haven’t stopped us. Things are so much bigger than any of you imagine! You’ll never stop us! Not as long as these pigs rule, we’ll never stop!”

Before he could talk any farther, the two men with halberds swung. Amy grabbed James hand. Looking at her, he gripped it tightly. Again, they couldn’t hear the sound, but couldn’t help but grimace. Looking back, they could see Roger’s head roll towards the front of the platform. Amy looked away, pressing her face against James’ arm. James steadied himself as he felt bile raise in his throat. He shook himself before lightly touching Amy, holding her against him.

Shaking his head, the Captain turned and walked off of the platform as the two men who escorted Roger dragged his body away. They left the head to stare at the crowd. 

© 2011 Church

Author's Note

Well, I hope I'm improving with each chapter. As always, please, if you read this, drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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