Party Crashers

Party Crashers

A Chapter by Clint Binkley

Another chapter from Hannahs point of view


At this point in my life High School was just a pain in my a*s. At first I was so excited and I wanted to do good so I could go to college, but then I found out what it was like to have fun and not have mommy up your a*s every second of the day.

I used to be a wallflower. I would just lay back in class and watch all the f*****g idiots in my grade run around grab assing each other. While I sit and watch. In 8th grade I thought Clint was the most annoying person I had ever met. In 7th period History class he would try to touch a short mexican meatball named Elvia's tits. Or laugh obnoxiously to the slightest thing. I never talked to anyone, which is probably why no one would talk to me.

Then when Freshman year came Clint and his social self, talked to me. Well teased me. And I laughed. We agreed that our teacher resembled a Dinosaur and that's how we became friends. I stayed to myself hoping he would talk to me again, and he did. Since we were friends now we sat by each other in class. We laughed all the time about the Dinosaur, and I let him cheat off me.

He told me his deepest darkest secrete before he even thought about telling his bestfriend Brittany Sims. The day after, I told marissa and that was a big disaster because she spread it around and I felt like s**t. He turned me into the person I am today. I never talked. Now people know me more because they can hear me talking and see my personality with Clint.

I came to the Conclusion that I am into Black Guys. I'm scared of there dicks though. I'm not really sure if I want that baseball bat swinging at me just yet. I talked to a black guy named Darius and lets just say he was white underneath and ain't no body got time for that. There were at least a hand full of blacks at our school. One of them was real sexy and anytime he was near me Clint would try to throw me into him. You don't even understand the fear, but rush you get when being in love with black guys.

The bell rings and the class swarms out.

“Your coming to my party right,” I hear a popular girl tell Clint across the room.

“Of course.” he tells her.

“Where is it going to be?” he asks. Then they start talking quiet and i'm excluded from the conversation.

Clint rushes up to me.

“And yet your first party is Saturday night.” he tells me.

“There's no way in high hell my parents will let me go to a party, and I don't know her.” I tell him.

“Yeah, well you better find away. Because this is the party of the year, and your a party virgin so get your s**t together and think of something.”

“Oh my god, really.”

“Yes you dirty c**t, now lets go.”

The next period Clint sat next to me and we omegeled the whole time. We asked some man to give us a show and he stood up and bounced his dick around, it wasn't a good visual and he was fat as f**k. Considering it's Thursday, and in the back of my mind somethings not letting me say no to this party I have to think of a way to go.

My parents are such a******s and I don't understand why. I mean its not like they were molested or beat as a child, maybe with the ugly stick, but damn. I thought about it the entire period and when I got home I didn't dare ask. I did ask if we had plans and they said no, but to be ready to go to church Sunday morning.

When saturday came Clint blew my phone up with texts and missed calls. It's like he never has a life or anything to do, yet he can create a game out of beat boxing and blinking his eyes. His last text said,

“There's going to be Black GUYS there.”

I ignored all his earlier texts because I knew me being able to go to this so called party, was out of the question, but that message hit me like a rat in a mouse trap and it stung like a b***h.

I didn't even have to think when I replied,
“I'm going.”

and he instantly replied with, “Yay! I'll pick you up at 9.”

This gave me 2 hours to get ready and sneak out without my b***h a*s parents knowing. I sat in the living room watching our family show Dance Moms. Man, that Abby lee can b***h out a little girl, faster than I can take a breath.

They turned the tv off when it was over and got up.

“Alright honney, were going to bed. Church tomorrow and we don't wanna be tired for god.” my mom says. Then my dad adds,

“Don't stay up too late.” Then they walked into there room and shut the door.

Not even a I love You. The thought that they wouldn't approve of me going to the party tonight makes me want to cause them nightmares they cant wake up from and take a s**t in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I curled my hair and put my make-up on. Then brushed my teeth and finished up. With only 17 minutes till Clint is supposed to pick me up I sat on my bed with the radio quietly playing A$AP Rocky. Got to love that Rap s**t, and it was the perfect mood turner song.

When Clint texted me,

“I'm outside.”

I replied, “Turn the truck off. Dont wake my parents.”

I'm annoyed, and I knew how this night was going to go. I planned on loosing my phone if I was caught so I deleted the history on the internet. Cause you know I look at that bad s**t. Then all my messages and bad pictures. I definitely would not want my dad to see a picture of my p***y in my gallery.

My first problem of the night was one I should have known. The house alarm was set, and I didn't know how to disable it. One of my many stupid traits. If I even touch the door knob it will go off like a tornado warning and the nearest cop will be alerted so that way was a no go.

I cut the alarm strip on my bedroom window, nearly throwing up from being so nervous the alarm would go off. When I opened it, just my luck of living on the second story, it was dark and I was high above the ground. I tried tieing the sheets together trick, but my fat a*s ripped them and fell one story. And my vigina got a rug burn threw my jeans. I landed on my a*s and I was almost in tears because my hands were all scratched up.

“Are you alright,” Clint yells out his driver window.

“Can you shut the f**k up so my parents don't know I'm gone.” I ask.

I hop in his truck and it smells like he's had an orgy with some Japanese women.

“Holly s**t Clint, what the hell is that smell.”

“Oh yeah, earlier I found a litter of kittens that crawled up in my hood melted to the motor and one was still alive.” he says.

My hearts pounding for there loss because I feel bad. Can you imagine.

“Thats terrible, I hope they died fast.”

“Im sure they did because there body parts were melted in different places.”

“That’s nice.”

When we got to the party, the girl throwing its yard was full of different vehicles. People were every where and I was mad because the black guys were either blending in with the dark sky or they weren't here.

“I thought you said black guys were going to be here.” I ask.

“About that.” he whispers.

“You cum sickle. How dare you. I put my life on the line to come to this.”

I wish the conversation would have lasted longer so I could chew him out, but he took off and I wasn't being alone so I chased him down.
He went into the house and I followed.

A teenager who looked like he was 7 offered me a beer and I said no thanks. Then some girl with bright pink hair offered Clint something in a shot glass and he took it.

“Clint, what are you doing.” I grabbed his arm yelling at him.

“Okay, buzz kill. Suck on my Dick. Have fun for once and stop being so up tight, mom” he snaps.

Maybe I should take his advice, but I reconsider and watch Clint so he doesn't do anything stupid. I sit on the couch in a living room thats overwhelmed with furniture next to a couple emo freaks making out. By the looks of all the people around here, this girl throwing this party must be a real treat because her friends are weird as hell and I'm a little scared i'm going to fall asleep and get an infected tattoo on my arm.

Clints downing shot after shot while I watch him go from normal to drunk as s**t.

I tried talking to someone who looked normal, but Clint screwed it up by screaming,

“Eveyone hold on, it's a tornado.” I mean at the top of his lungs, and with me being the responsible one, I roll my eyes,then get up and grab him.

He tosses his self to the floor like we just crash landed or something and he stopped screaming.

I kicked him in the stomach and said,

“Get up.”

He looks up at me squinting his eyes,

“Are we dead?” he asks.

“Hell no.” I reply.

I pick him up and search for a room. I have to push threw some people, but I don't give a s**t. I figure its the owners room because its huge like a master bedroom.

“Get off of me.” Clint crys.

“Get over youself and get your act together.” I say then throw him onto the bed.

“your not going to rape me are you?” he says.

“Are you kidding me, I could take advantage of a way hotter guy.” I reply.

“The what are we doing in here?” he slurs.

“Sobering you up, now go drink some water out of the faucet in the bathroom.” I say.

He just lays back.

“Get your lazy a*s up.” I say.

He still doesn't answer so I picked him up.

I found the restroom in the room threw the door next to the closet.

“But I don't wanna,” he cries.

I don't reply. I close the bathroom door and I shove his head into the sink.

“Do you want a bad hangover tomarrow or are you going to listen.” I say.

I turn the water on and I hear something out side the door.

“Okay babe.”

And two people walk into the bedroom. I shut the water off fast and shush Clint.

“Be quiet,” I tell him. He just lays on the tiled floor. He looks like a fat pig in a stuffed blanket the way he's curled up in his jacket and drooling down his face. Sheesh.

The couple in the room shut the door and lay on the bed. I hear them smooching and they start a conversation.

“Are you ready?” he asks her. There both breathing fast. Virgins, good lord.

There conversations goes into a whisper and they only things I get out of it was,

“Yeah, I used to think I had a penis, but it was just an infection.” and “What the hell.” and “I don't have a huge penis.”

Clint starts gigglinging and I just want to go home. I pick him up to his feet and we bust threw the door. The couple are in shock and I just say,

“Yall are just f*****g stupid,” and I slammed the door.

It amazes me that girls these days think having sex is a hobbie.

I left Clint in his truck asleep and I walked home. I never got caught, but I did get my phone taken from me because I apparently was sexting and I sent a picture of my a*s to my dads bestfriend. I thought when he said I looked cute at the superbowl party he wanted to f**k. Apparently thats just a compliment.

© 2013 Clint Binkley

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