The Man in my closet

The Man in my closet

A Poem by ca.shorty

Hopefully it’s Edgar Allan Poe worthy. Sorry to Sarah Allen Poe I fixed his name for you.

The Man in my closet so stealthy as can be
Look! He’s nowhere as you can see

‘Your insane young man’ is what people say
They’ll regret their decision when their heads are in the bay

I’m not insane I’m merely crazy
The Man in my closet is very lazy

Look for yourself he won’t hurt you
That’s what he told me now I’m in two

The Man in my closet never existed
I think that everyday oh yes I’m committed

I’m a perfect young man who’s normal ask can be
I told that to the people who are now blind and can’t see

I’m insane yes it’s true
Look at my white shirt, those stains are new

My burger was delicious I ate it fast
Where is my friend? Oh I know he’s in the past

Do you think I’m crazy or yes you do
Well I’m not crazy sucks for you

The Man in my closet did this to me
I’m a ghost can’t you see?

I’m silent and invisible
I bet my friend is miserable

He disappeared all so sudden
Is this why I feel like a glutton

It was only a snack oh a delicious snack
I bet my friend can see nothing just black

The Man in my closet makes me like this
He always quits

He’s not like me
Because he can’t see

The police hear screaming from my house
I tell them I just killed a mouse

They always believe me, they’re so foolish
I’m not a murderer but don’t he wish

The man in my closet knows the tale
For he is my friend so pale and frail

He only sees black
After my snack

‘Your insane’ is what they say
That’s what he said before his head was in the bay

I’m a perfect normal man can’t that be
That’s what I told him and now he can’t see

He’s The Man in my closet dead as can be
Join him and you to could be free

© 2018 ca.shorty

Author's Note

Idek lol it just came to me and like woah this guy dude.

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Its really cool. Love the man in the closet. The last line really makes the poem for me. Very spooky! I will wonder tonight if their is a man in my closet.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thx kheagan! It’s just all the stuff that popped in my head
Wow another review..... Sorry I'm awful but I have to point out:
it's Edgar Allan Poe. Not Edgar Allen Poe. That's my last name: Allen. Hahaha.
So.... I'm about to be triggered hahahahaha!

Posted 5 Years Ago

H, js, this isn't really Edgar Allan Poes type.... His is a gothic ironic story type. This needs more plot. Also- Edgar was aware of his insanity and didn't talk about men in his closets. This is more if Stephen king wrote poems after getting drunk. That's a compliment btw! If you added an ironic plot twist at the end... And Edgar Allan Poe never blamed anyone for his insanity that I can rememer... He accepted that he was insane and it was on him and him alone....
Other than that I deem this worthy of drunken Stephen king! Again; that was a compliment :P

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thanks so much and I agree it’s a drunk Stephan king. I was just saying everything that came to my.. read more

5 Years Ago

Allan Poe whoops sorry
This is definitely insane. Hahaha. You know, for some reason I thought you were describing slenderman for a minute lmao. Except I'm confused about one thing... Do you eat people? Should I be scared of you too? Haha!
So that's what girls mean when they say "that guys so hot and tasty"....

The moral of this story: people eat each other. It's official! The zombie apocalypse has Begun! I'm not worried- I have insurance.

So let me get this right:
you killed your friend, ate him, told the police that the screaming was because you killed a mouse and all because slenderman told you to? What's next? You're gonna drag your friend in the woods and stab her as a sacrifice? Haha jk.
Nice read though. Insane and twisted. Just like me! And twizzlers... So twisted...

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Haha maybe he is slender man. Lol idk. Also idek what I was writing anymore. He was a canable who a.. read more

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Just a great guy who loves writing and who want's to be a YouTuber. more..

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