Cole & Gwen

Cole & Gwen

A Story by Cole Spire

Small bit about Cole Spire and Gwendolyn Ryder

With the haven being close enough to Cole and Gwen’s place the car really wasn’t needed, but Gwen liked to show off her new toy that Cole had bought her (but had yet to let her drive it. Telling her she could drive it when she “Grew Up”). The brand new 2010 Dodge Viper was pearl blue with a hemi that made the car roar more than purr. The interior was a crushed petal blue that cushioned as your weight relaxed into the seat. The stereo was top notch and the sub-woofers in the back made it possible for people eight blocks away to hear your music if you so desired. Going from zero to 60 in just under two seconds was also a bonus feature that Gwen enjoyed. The machine, more a beast on wheels, growled more than idled as they waited at a light.

Cole happened to glance to his right and saw a polished and spiffy Porsche 911 pull up along side him. It was a beautiful blood red color and the driver behind the wheel seemed to admire Gwen’s car just as much as his was being examined. He looked young, maybe twenty at the most, with a chiseled jaw and white teeth. His smile turned to a smirk as he looked at Gwen and he blew a small kiss her way. That was soon followed by
the revving of his foreign engine. The light was still shining red.

With a flick of his foot the engine snarled and then roared like a beast waking from a deep slumber. It was angry at the overt challenge from the 911. Cole’s lip pulled back on one side and his bravado took over. He let the man rev a little more and then look at the light.

“I hope his insurance is paid up.” he said with a laugh in his voice.

Seconds passed with both men letting their machines grind their teeth. The old vampire was clever though and was watching the side lights as well. He saw the side lights turn red and gripped his steering wheel. His keen eyes watched the red on their stop light and his body was in motion. The Viper responded as if it were a part of Cole. He was already at 60 mph by the time the Porsche owner had registered that the light had changed.

They crested 120 and Cole let his hand rest on the gear shift. At 260 mph Cole let his foot off the gas and slammed on the breaks. The tires protested and the engine complained but the car responded.

Cole popped the trunk of the Viper and hopped out, he moved quickly; a blur to any human watching, and pulled out a crowbar. He looked back to see the 911 still coming. “I want his car.” he said softly to Gwen when she gave him a questioning look.
The Brujah stepped out into the middle of the road and stared to walk toward the oncoming car. He held the long portion of the tool and wielded it like a sword as the car tried to swerve to avoid him. The hook of the crowbar caught the driver side front tire and exploded. Cole then stood as the Porsche flipped not once, twice, three times and then finally a fourth time landing on its three good wheels.

“Gwen dear, the dinner bell just rang.” Cole smirked as he opened the door for his new bride.

© 2010 Cole Spire

Author's Note

Cole Spire
just an excerpt nothing big

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Since I like the Dodge Viper, this had my interest. Beautiful car. And a nice write, too.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Cole Spire

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