A Chapter by Sara Kate

It had started as a normal day in the high school. at least half the student body had fallen asleep at least once, the others have already drank three cups of espresso and are going to crash in t- minus ten, nine, eight... Others have already given up on their chances of university, and the rest are attempting to work two jobs while trying to graduate on the honor roll so they can go to college at all.

Story short, everyone is just ready to leave for the summer, even though it was literally September 14th. School had started a week ago.

An unusual student sat in her history class, recording the teacher's lecture so she wouldn't have to take notes. Kaitlyn Chase sighed and leaned back in her chair, earning her several glares from her fellow classmates. She didn't care in the slightest.

It was then when the first bang was heard. The teacher stopped mid sentence and walked out into the hall, claiming she was going to see what was happening. They heard the clicking of her heels as she walked farther and farther down the corridor. Soon, the clicking was out of ear shot and the class started talking to each other.

A minute later, they heard running. It wasn't heels. They all shut up and stared at the door. It opened a minute later to reveal a tall young man. Jacob Wilson stood in the doorway, looking like a sociopath. The room was stone silent as the class stared at the rifle he held.

It had been months since anyone had seen him. He was expelled the week before for drinking on school grounds. He stood, staring at the class for minutes, waiting for someone to move so he could make a target. He got his wish.

After a minute, a young girl started to stand up from where she was laying on the floor with everyone else. She held her hand out to tell him not to shoot. She smiled as if nothing was happening. She smiled genuinely at him as she started to speak.

"Jacob, hey, it's me. Paris Railing. You know, your biology partner. I was wondering, did you finish the notes, or should I text you the rest of them? I finished last week. I would love to know when you finish the study guide so I can look over what you've done." She spoke softly, as to not anger him any more.

He stared at her, utterly confused as she continued.

"Enough about biology. I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie. As friends. I would love to get to know you better so we could become friends..."

She continued to smooth talk him for another several minutes. In that time, Kaitlyn started to stand up. His focus had been completely taken by Paris. He stared at her intently as she spoke. Kaitlyn stood up ever so slowly. Without making a sound, she listened for a minute while standing up. She deduced she was most likely a bit more than a foot behind him. Closer than anyone else.

Slowly, she raised her hand so it was directly behind his neck. In a split second, she had grabbed his horrible mullet, yanked his head backwards and nailed him in the side of the head with her knuckle as she had practiced on a punching bag multiple times before.

He fell to the ground in a heap, leaving a chunk of his hair in her hand. She was fast, but not completely fast enough. One single bullet left his gun before he was out, and that was single bullet was embedded in Paris Railing's forehead.

Everyone stared in shock as she fell to the floor, a soft smile still on her face.




Kaitlyn fell to her knees and stared in shock and horror. Paris had not only bought Kaitlyn time, but she opened Kaitlyn's opening in the first place. She was the reason everyone else in that classroom continued to live that day.

Paris stalled and kept him focused while Kaitlyn knocked him out. She not only was completely focused and stable in the moment herself, but she sacrificed herself. She stood up for everyone in the room, literally.

The girl in the back of the classroom, Alex Fleet, slammed her hand down on a button behind her on the wall a minute later when she had come to her senses. When the PA system came online, she started screaming.

"Hello, this is the office, what can we do for you?"

"Hello? This is room 361. There's an armed shooter in here, and he shot someone! Kaitlyn knocked him out, but I don't know for how long! KAITLYN! HIT HIM AGAIN! This isn't good. I think she's dead, and he's going to wake up any minute. KAITLYN I SAID HIT HIM AGAIN! NEVERMIND, BROOKE GO HIT HIM WITH A HISTORY BOOK I THINK HE MOVED!"

The PA went out and they heard running. Kaitlyn sat on the floor, mouth wide open, her face holding a traumatized expression.                                                
Soon, several teachers from down the hall ran into the room. The lockdown alarms started going off and everything was complete and utter chaos.

Everywhere but in that classroom. Everyone stood up slowly as t hey stared at the body in awestruck horror. The teachers in the doorway covered their mouths with their hands as they stared with everyone else. No one moved for the longest time, until the principal ran into the room. She closed her eyes and breathed slowly. She turned to her peers and started talking.

"I need everyone to go out to the football field for an evacuation. I need every single student out of this building in the next five minutes so we can get the emergency responders in here. Tebbets, Henderson, stay here with Paris and James and make sure he doesnt do anything else. the paramedics will be here within minutes."

She looked around the room. Mrs. Martin looked around the room at the students who weren't moving. She sighed and gave them a sad look, "I need you all out of here. Now." She told them.

They nodded and slowly filed out of the room and down the hall. Except for three students. Brooklyn Fairview, Alex Fleet, and Kaitlyn Chase. Not one of them moved from their places.

Mrs. Martin sighed once again and walked towards where they were standing. "Look, girls I know you knew her, but you need to get out of here. We need to know you guys are safe. Come on, I can walk you out."

Kaitlyn stood up and turned around the face the principle. "No." She stated. Mrs. Martin raised her eyebrows and the teenager elaborated. "I'm not leaving this room and you can't make me. This is my fault. I wasn't fast enough." She stared down the teacher with an expressionless face.

Brooklyn looked at her in shock, "Kaitlyn, you're being unreasonable. It wasn't your fault. Come with us, we should go."

The look on Kaitlyn's face expressed cruel amusement as she continued, "Oh really? It's not my fault? I'm being unreasonable? Unreasonable is letting an armed student travel all the way across the school and up to the last classroom on the third floor without catching him or even realizing he's here! UNREASONABLE, BROOKLYN, IS LETTING A STUDENT DIE WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO STOP IT. THAT'S UNREASONABLE, ISN'T IT, OR AM I OVERREACTING?" She screamed.

She turned around and climbed up onto a desk. No one tried to stop her at all, knowing well enough that she wasn't going to leave until she wanted to.

"This school is sick. I should know." She started.

Mrs. Martin whispered something to her coworkers, "Go get Jack and Daniel. They should be able to get her down soon enough."

Kaitlyn sneered, "Oh, you think a couple of football players are going to be able to get me out of here? Think again. Also, stop interrupting me." She glared at her teachers before she went on again, "This school is going to play off this tragedy into something of an accident that the amazing staff couldn't have possibly stopped. I would know, now, wouldn't I? I've seen it happen."

Four people ran into the room. Three guys and one girl. They all stared at the scene in shock. She had forgotten her classmates don't even know about the incident yet. The smaller guy walked around the body, though still obviously scarred, and grabbed Kaitlyn's hand. "Come on, Kat, we've got to get out of here."

She jerked her hand away and stomped on his. "No, Zac, and don't think you or anyone else is going to get me out of here. As I was saying, no, I'm not leaving. I'm not going to let you play off Paris's death as an accident, because it wasn't. I don't care in the slightest if it ruins the school's image, because for all I care, this school can burn to the ground. A cripple like me has an easy enough time getting into schools. This was completely preventable, but no. You all just let him pass through the halls. Where were the hall monitors? Surely everyone knows he was expelled. They sure did make a big deal out of it."

Mrs Martin looked at the other boys next to her and motioned to Kaitlyn, but they just looked up at her and raised their eyebrows. The taller one shrugged, "I'm not going to do anything. She's right, mostly. You let our friend die, and I'm sure Jack agrees with me, right?" The one next to him nodded as he stared at the body.

Seven students in total walked to the back of the room and stood against the walls, not moving. The teacher shrieked in annoyance and grunted, "Look, I don't want to have to suspend or expel all of you, but if that's what it takes t o get you out of here, then so be it." She snapped.

Not one of them flinched, and not one of them moved. The now angry teacher looked to her staff and let out an order, "Get them out of my sight. Actually, do me one better, and make sure they get to their parents right. Now."


It didn't take long for the paramedics to get to the school and get the students out of the classroom, but what they had said stuck to some of the staff. It was true. There had been multiple occasions where the staff did absolutely nothing to stop bad things from happening.

It wouldn't be long before something else were to happen. One week, to be precise.

© 2018 Sara Kate

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Compartment 114
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Author's Note

Sara Kate
The Chapter are going to be better than this, and I'm going to rewrite this part, so please continue onto the rest of the story.

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Added on November 4, 2018
Last Updated on November 4, 2018
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Sara Kate
Sara Kate

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