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Imagine a society in which all crimes could remain undetected no matter the severity. A society where a perpetrator could only be found when a drop of their own blood was spilled. In our reality, something such would be impossible and would render our attempts at justice futile. However , in a distant universe , phenomenons such as this could be a component of everyday life. It can provide a sense of hopelessness to some as safety can prove to be scarce. Though many may find comfort in such a world - where love cannot be restricted by ones previous actions.

In a land out of our reach,newborns are worshipped as angels. They are pure and take in their first breath without corruption yet consuming their mind. Sins have in no way been committed as they bask in the gentle rays of light gracing their bodies in warmth.

Their blood is an unfiltered white.

Children set about to tell lies as they grow into their person and begin to fear the inevitable result of failure. With each lie comes a tint and with every tantrum comes a

darkening of the beings light.

Their blood is a faded blush.

Turmoil and pain introduce themselves to everyone throughout their teenage years. Many begin to seek refuge in felonious acts and use the pain of others to eliminate their own. Though not all will take part in such acts , all will deviate from the path of prosperity at some point. As their years progress, the crimson grows.

Their blood is a slowly deepening garnet.

Whilst many in the world shall remain in this state ‘til their last moments with us , committers of crime will not. For every crime done, whether grave or insignificant, a tainting of the blood occurs. Garnet becomes scarlet , scarlet turns to vermilion , vermilion shifts to wine and the wine in turn matures to crimson. Though a rare occasion, continuous misdemeanors of the strongest degree tend to become present in the history of a handful of individuals. Many may believe that it would be an effortless task to seize these creatures , however it is quite the opposite. The more crimes one commits, the more fearful they become of their capture and thus, they learn to shelter each little thing.

These people - the sheltered as many have decided to call them - have a profane connection to the darkest of beings in our world. They walk among us - disguised by other members of society - blended in by the vast expanse of a never-ending human ocean.  As stated previously , sheltered beings are practised in the art of hiding and tend to be incredibly precise in regards to their prey and trusted mortals - it is not known how many roam free -only few have been discovered thus far : all that is known, is that there are more - after all, evil exists everywhere within every given moment. One can only question how many times they have been in contact with one of these monstrosities.

Blood (once spilled) can be read like an open book. With use of the right tools, a single droplet can reveal all of an individual’s deepest secrets. The spiller would become exposed and their peaceful façade of a life would disintegrate around their fragile form. Reality forces itself back into their lives as their souls are bared to the world - an unfortunate yet necessary end for many 'demons'.

Now that the basics are cleared up - let us begin.

© 2019 CrimsonDarling

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Added on January 25, 2019
Last Updated on January 25, 2019