C H A P T E R 1

C H A P T E R 1

A Chapter by CrimsonDarling

Her appearance mirrored that of a fallen angel - gracefully laid across the wooden boards with a halo of serenity gracing her silken locks. A light sheen of make up capped her pale complexion emphasising her admirable features. Gentle shreds of woven, white cloth covered her fragile form painting a delicate picture of grace. Dainty limbs were arranged in a pattern that perfectly signified and displayed her beauty. Freshly painted nails drew attention to the females finely structured limbs.If it wasn't for the jagged, bullet-induced cavity residing within her forehead or the rose pool outlining her features, she could pass as a sleeping goddess. The girl's once bright orbs had retreated into a lifeless stare as they gazed upon the setting before her.

 A bygone picturesque display had been violently transformed as a stale aroma claimed the room. Anyone that entered would instantly become suffocated - if not by the stench , by the overwhelming silence. Static lay to rest in the ears of those present at the gruesome scene as the metallic taste of death stitched their mouths into tight lines. Once pristine walls now lay in chaotic states due to the drizzling stains tainting the tiles. The only available light source was that of the dull crescent moon which illuminated the image of the girls two bickering attackers.

"All that mess and she wasn't even the right chick." The male of the two stated while rolling a pair of bloodshot eyes.

"If you had done your research we wouldn't even be in this situation!" his red-headed companion whisper-shouted to him from beside their newest victim. "Now could you make yourself useful for once and hand me of the saws please?"

"Which one? The red looks absolutely divine beside your figure but the green really compliments your eyes~"

"For goodness sake! I don't need to look good while I'm dismembering someone! Just hand me one of them, we still need to get away from here before someone suspects something." Receiving nothing but a grunt in response, she turned to select the desired tool herself - making sure to deliver a piercing glare to her partner as she did so. Truth be told, she was nothing but sick of her partner's foolish antics and lazy attitude. Yet he was the one providing her cover for this mission so, as much as she would love to deny it, his presence was crucial.

With each slice of the blade and removal of one of the limbs, doubts began to settle in the corners of her mind. Doubts about her comrade, his will and even hers. She knew that this was essential - that if this was not completed properly she would be forced to see her again yet negative thoughts still lingered. After all, they had yet to find the right woman - who was to say they would before their crimes were discovered and linked to one another? What if one of them got injured? This had, annoyingly, happened with her last 'friend' - he had gotten caught on a fence during one of their escapes and lathered the pikes with oozing wine coloured liquid. It was not know what then became of said liquid after she had discarded of him - all that was known to her was that his elimination provided just the right cover for her game.

If either of them did draw even a single, stray droplet of blood, the spiller would need to be disposed of immediately. Being caught alive with their biographies displayed to the world would end in catastrophe for them both - whether their mission was completed or not. They just had to be extremely careful, she supposed.

With the ending of that thought, she completed her task and rotated to begin laying their weapons back in their rightful places. Surprise laced her features as she realised that her male companion was not present behind her but standing off to the side - a trance like appearance on his face.

"Something bothering you, Hun?"

"Huh? Oh, nothing. Just... thinking."

"You know that's a dangerous thing for you. You get ideas - ones that don't normally work out in our favour." Receiving but a shrug in response, she released an exasperated sigh and clawed open the rusted window beside the man.

"Leaving so early? That isn't like you at all. I thought you'd want to savour the sight if we're being honest here." he drawled, purposely trying to rile

up the woman to the side of him and distastefully grunting after gaining only a feeble eye - roll in response. With one last glance at their work, both shared a somewhat determined look at they began to clamber out of the window before them. It was at this point that the female accepted the answer to her former query.

They would reach their goal eventually. It was only a matter of time before they reigned victorious.

© 2019 CrimsonDarling

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Added on January 25, 2019
Last Updated on January 25, 2019