A Poem by Cyanthinnis

When the world turns out not like you want it. This life, not mine to control. Only one does and she is fate.

Fate, a cruel mistress. One of unimaginable power and impassiveness.
Her cowl as black as midnight unlight. Her hair like strings weaved into life.
I can feel the darkenss closing in. The threads of my life woven in front of her.
She carefully selects the color. Sissors in hand.
Slowly she adds another thread into the fold.
Securing it down into the tapestry of my life.
I see now, clearly. Each picture a place in my life.
She grins mercelessly. I can hear her wheezy breath.
I feel her cold, partchment-like, skin. Pale with ageless wonder.
Her eyes hallowed out, no love in them. I can feel the world.
The meaningless lives we lead. The circle of destruction we share.
This life, so very lost. My life, so dimmed.
I am lost, I am unsure. Now where to go? Now what to do?
Nothing. Nothing. I am cold. I am tired. My heart weary, my mind fogged.
No more. Please, no more. This body an empty shell of what I once was.
She grins again. Teeth gray and clacking.
I beg. Release. This life to painful. To full of hurt.
Her head shakes, I am destroyed.
This emptiness consumes me. A zombie like state my defense.
No more. Just no more.

© 2010 Cyanthinnis

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Added on October 30, 2010
Last Updated on October 30, 2010



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