A Story by djeehc09

Have you ever had those fleeting moments when you realize that a friend might be a bit more? But of course nothing comes of it. A few moments later it's gone and you forget it ever happened.


They were seemingly best buds for as long as she bothered to remember and thus she never expected anything to really change.  They were out and about and they'd just seen the coolest movie ever: Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.  Now they were walking down the street to the bus stop.

"That was freakin' hilarious!"

"No... That was f****n' Neil Patrick Harris!!" he blurts out.

They break out in laughter; she almost spits out the soda she is sipping on.  They stop walking and wait for the bus.

"Ya know, I feel like we've known each other for our whole lives sometimes," he said absentmindedly.

"Really.  Well, you must have the lifespan of a butterfly.  A few months ago I wouldn't 'ave even given you a second glance -- and I only know you because you're Anny's friend," she says back in the same fashion and takes a noisy sip of her soda.  She sensed the slight pang he felt at her frankness, and a short awkward silence sets in -- as usual.

The bus arrives and they jump on (not literally of course).  On the bus ride he makes small talk.  "So you got any family?"

"Only my Ma.  My brother's off somewhere, I guess -- not that I care.  What about you?"

"Eh, I've got my mom and dad, but for the most part I only have much to do with my brother."

"Hm, it seems we might need a bit more than a good friend," she eyed him carefully.  She didn't notice any response from him.  They get off at their stop.

"Well, I hope we become more than good friends, ay?" He said as he patted the side of her arm.  "I'd like to see you again, alright?"...

It wasn't the pat on the arm.  It was the subtle drag at the end, soft and unnoticeable but very bothersome to her; and the way he said he wanted to see her again... Of course he would!  Why'd he go on and say that?  To him it probably meant nothing; to her it meant too much.  It was as if she was in too deep.  The whole thought of the unthinkable simply freaked her out, even more it was genuine and yet so unnoticeable -- she might have simply imagined it altogether.  All of her warning senses were blaring in her head telling her "GET OUT".  She had to get away -- it was getting a bit personal.

"Uh, Sure...   Oh s**t; it's four o' clock!  I gotta go..." With that she strapped her bag and walked away with relief.  She really hated her aversion to affection, even if small and menial, but sometimes, she feels, it has saved her neck.  Hopefully he'll get over it, and even better he might get the message, she thought to herself.  Still the feeling lingered that maybe she shouldn't have been so hasty in her huff of paranoia -- what if he really takes it the wrong way?  Was there really something between them that he'd been able to see the whole time?  Eh, enough of that, Ma's waiting and is probably ready to tear her head off for making her wait.  And by then she'd already forgotten about it.

© 2008 djeehc09

Author's Note

Some story I thought of. Sorta cheesy, but describes how I've felt about some friends at times.

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well now, don't we all feel that way once in a while? or every other day? XD that was nice tho, i liked the way you phrased the panic as she rushed away from him.
heehee, good write, really.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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It's not cheesy at all. I like it alot. Harold and Kumar! lol. Very interesting, I didn't want to stop reading it. =)
Your good D. ; )

Posted 16 Years Ago

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