A Poem by dangerbooze

About a girl that I once had a crush on. She wasn't as kind as I thought she was.

You promised me forever
Have you forgotten so soon?
Bathe me in your lies
whilst you whistle your tune
It's your eyes that I loathe
those black pools of deceit
I'm tangled within your web
with no hope to defeat
Don't show me your false love
Oh, why can't you see?
Cease blinding yourself with wishes
I cannot be that fantasy.

© 2010 dangerbooze

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This is really good. It has alot of emotion. I have been in your shoes once before so I can understand where you are coming from. I don't know what to say really, it's just that good. Most of what I want to say is jumbled up so if I untangle them I'll let you know. Anyhow as I said, great job its a lovely piece.

Posted 12 Years Ago

************************************************** Too Cool ***************************************

For it riles them, that you perceive. The web, they weave. The falsity, can
not last and the lies. Become, so blatant. The touch of falsity threatens and what... ya just wanna throw up, hey! Throw your hands, with your arms in the air. Burn a donut, like ya just don't care. Cast a spell... an 'poof'!

They - are - just - not - there?

Games, the games people play with hearts and don't understand the stupidity of the play. It works both ways... and, sooner or latter. They do... just go their own way. Seek out another board, to make their same idiot stick moves on. On some other perceived pumpkin, princess...

Meaningful is as meaningful does, and we. Eventually, grow up? I love your poem... but hey, do me a favour [ with no hope to defeat ] post me a Fable... explain what this here, means? I do think I'll find that very entertaining. I mean It gives me intimations, and thoughts. But I really would rather hear from you & your take, on it. Just promise, it won't take forever...

Start with... once upon a dime... call, we'll do lunch!

****************************************************** To Rule *************************************

Romon in Review 22/06/10. 9:23am Quesnel BC Canada Write On / Right On! Ro...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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A Poem by dangerbooze