Paved Road

Paved Road

A Poem by dangerbooze

"The road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions"

It's been two years
Two years for both of us to grow
You said I changed
I don't think I have
I'll never tell
Never tell you the real reason
Why I left you in the first place
It's hard to share
The real reason for abandoning
Someone who loved me like you did
It's been two years
But I know it will still hurt you
You were perfect
So pure it stung
Your innocent questions
Made me feel like a w***e
You said you couldn't understand
Why I did what I did
I said I was young and foolish
You believed me but I knew
That deep down inside
You were disappointed
So I couldn't stay
Couldn't handle that look in your eye
I know the person you have become
But why do I get the feeling
That if I looked into your eyes now
I would still find that judgmental stare?
I miss my friend
Did you know?
I miss you as someone who could make me smile
Not make me feel more ashamed of what I'd done

© 2011 dangerbooze

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Added on March 6, 2011
Last Updated on March 6, 2011




I'm a lazy writer. I write what I feel when I feel like it. But to be more specific, I have a constant case of writer's block about pretty much every thought that I can think of or even consider. .. more..

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A Poem by dangerbooze