A Poem by DarkAspen

Micacles happen every day.

A baby is born.

She survives cancer.

A bird flies away from the nest.

And he comes home.


He is different.

A hauntingly difference.

His mind is haunted with images,

images of death.


He is stressed and you want to help,

but you can't.

You give it time,

and he may or may not come around.

He went through hell.


Death. Rain. Snow. Cold. Heat.

Imeages flash through his brain.

He sees his friend shot.

Looks left and sees a grenade go off.

He ducks and covers. Looks up shoots and

ducks again.


His job was to survive, and he did.

It's a miracle.

He breathes.

He sees.

No physical wounds.

Just mental.

Mental scars and deep wounds.


He can't escape the images, but the war he can.

Life has changed for him and his family.

His memorie is scarred.

He sees his friends die and sees fear in your eyes.


He stays hidden to protect you, but you dont need it,

he does.

He needs you.

And you're there.

You're there to comfort him.

To love him.

To make him smile.

To take care of him.

To make him forget...


He is scared and shy.

No one wants to hear what really happened, only the 'cool' things. Nothing heroic.

Just the funny things.

He changes the story.

But why?

To make it more interesting?


To be a smartallic?


He does so because...the truth of  what really happened... hurts.


He fakes a smile for people to show that he will be alright.

He fears to look at you,

for he fears the fear in your eyes.

Its been a year or two, and he still has the dreams.

He stays up late to avoid dreaming,

but he cant excape them,

 even awake.


More time passes and you begin to see....

See the hope in his eyes.

See the memories, not vanish,

but fade.

You see him sleep better.

You see him working around the house.

See that he no longer fears your fear.


Another six months pass.

And you have been there for him.

Supported him.

Cared for him.

Taken care of him.

And even cured him.

It's a miracle.


It's a miracle that you've helped.

He is cured.

No more images.

No more fear.

No more anger.

No more restless nights.

Life is normal again.

It's a miracle...

© 2011 DarkAspen

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I think here is a spelling mistake "difference"in 2 paragraph 1st line..
yes it is indeed a miracle...thanks for sharing...i also have written a poem on miracle..see if you like it:)
nice write..i liked it (^_^)

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Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on April 5, 2011
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