Chapter 2: Report

Chapter 2: Report

A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

When Markys and his men saw the stone walls of Abertingel in the distance their hearts felt lifted.”You did well Markys” Richard said to Markys as he patted him on the back. Markys felt a little better but the fact that he lost any of the men he led weighed heavily on his heart. As Markys and his patrol got closer the guards opened the wooden gates and let them in. The gates were quickly shut behind him. Markys finally took a sigh of relief as the gates closed and he finally let himself breathe.

“Welcome home Markys” the guards at the gate called out to him.

“Yes, welcome home son of the great Commander Mckellyn” Shinnon said with a sneer as he pushed pass him.

Markys stared hard at the man. “What is it that you want” Markys asked him while never taking his eyes off the man.

“Why I heard you haven’t reported in yet and I was worried. I see some men have been harmed. Come with me it’s time for you to report to your Father.” Shinon told Markys as he walked towards the Azure Keep. Markys followed behind him studying the man. Shinnon was tall and thin but muscled half-elf. His red hair pulled tight into a ponytail giving his pale face a drawn back appearance. As they made their way through Abertingel Markys took in the sight. Snow fell gently as they walked through the city. Smoke filled the air as many of the wooden houses had their fireplaces blazing. Abertingel the frontier town on the north side of Carlea was always it seemed in constant winter because of the dreaded frost moors that resided on the north and east of Abertingel. “I can’t wait to hear your report” Shinon said to Markys as he opened the door to the Azure Keep, home of commander Mckellyn, the ruler of Abertingel.

Serrash followed Markys and his patrol as they made their way inside of Abertingel. “Well you seem to have had some fun” Valindra whispered behind him.

“Little sister what did I say about sneaking up on me” Serrash signaled to her in drow sign language more than a little irritated. Valindra ignored her brother, and drew horses in the snow. Serrash turned and smiled as he looked at his sister. “I won’t let them turn her into a priestess of Lloth” Serrash thought to himself. Her long white hair framed her beautiful face. Her red eyes glowed softly. Her ebony skin and long ears were traits her of drow heritage.

 “The light hurts my eyes no wonder our kind hates the surface” Valindra said to Serrash.

 “I know it hurts, but we will get used to it. Now let’s go home before the frost moors start up again.”Serrash replied as he made his way back towards the Frost moors. Valindra, bow in hand silently ran behind him, and true to their heritage the only sound that was heard was the moan of the moors.

            “Your son has returned” Shinon said as he stepped into the council room with Markys beside him. Commander Mckellyn looked at his son. Markys stood at 5’7 his brown eyes never leaving his father’s. His brown hair was matted to his head because of the sweat from battle and freezing because of the unnatural coldness of the frost moors. His arms bulging from harsh training and his sword lay comfortably on his back. Commander Mckellyn felt himself swell with pride as he looked upon his son who stood before him as a warrior.

“What news do you bring from your patrol” commander Mckellyn asked.

“You won’t believe what I’ve seen sir” Markys replied trying to think of where to start.

“We have seen many monsters of the frost moors Markys. I really doubt what you’ve seen would surprise us that much” Shinon said with a smug expression.

“Oh really then you know of the drow that came to me then?” Markys said equally smug. At that statement it grew deathly quiet. Even Shinon took a step back.

“Markys explain now” the commander ordered and Markys told them the whole story.

“Gather some men commander and let me lead them to destroy the drow” Shinon told Commander Mckellyn after Markys gave his report.

“No, we do not know his intentions. Since he helped them out in that fight he could be friendly” Commander Mckellyn stated.

“I’ve never heard of a friendly drow” Menant, a veteran soldier of the Azure guard stated as he stood beside Markys.

“Drow are the epitome of evil. They lie, sneak, and murder. Curse those black skinned devils” Shinon yelled as he smacked a balled fist on the table.

“He is different” Markys stated and everyone looked at him curiously.

“This Serrash, is a scout for a raiding party. Why can’t you all see that?” Shinon barked angrily. When no one answered his questioned Shinon walked towards the door. Menant moved to intercept him.

“The commander didn’t say you could leave” Menant said through gritted teeth and stared hard at him.

“Let him go, it’s ok” Commander told Menant.

Menant moved aside and Shinon walked by and as he whispered “you will regret that.

”Markys heard and thought to himself “Something doesn’t feel right.”

             Serrash sat on a bluff letting his eyes get used to the surfaces light. The sun’s rays stung his eyes badly, but he couldn’t turn away. He took in a deep breath,finally the freedom I have never had feels so great” Serrash thought to himself as he stretched.

 “Looks like another patrol are coming, and they seem to be coming a lot more frequently” Valindra said.

“Well they must be searching for something” Serrash said.

“They must be searching for us; no one comes into the Frost moors this often.” Valindra told him.

“Well then cover me while I say hi,” Serrash told her. He pulled his cowl low over his face and walked towards the patrol party.

The wind moaned fiercely and the snow bit at any skin that was not covered. Serrash crept slowly, the howl of the wind covered his footsteps, and the flurry made it hard see. He crept close enough to hear their conversation when they stopped for a rest, and he finally got a good look at how many men were on patrol. “She won’t be able to cover me with her bow, and eight men is a lot, even for me” Serrash thought to himself.

“I can’t believe that there is a drow way up north” one soldier said.

“I know seriously, those black skinned elves can’t stay in their holes” another commented.

“I heard that drow torture humans by filling their stomach with spiders, and wait till the spiders eat their way out.” A soldier said.

“Stop, you are all just scaring yourselves” Menant barked.

“We do much worse than that” Serrash yelled above the howl of the wind.

The patrol all dropped in a defensive formation. They all peered looking for him, but the snow gave Serrash great concealment.

“What is that you want with me?” Serrash asked from hiding.

“Commander Mckellyn would like to talk to you” Menant yelled.

“Ok I will go talk to him” Serrash replied. Serrash smiled to himself when he saw Menant’s expression.

“Then stop your hiding so we can escort you” Menant called out. His knuckles turned white from gripping his axe.

“Your men sound like they know cruelty of my people, and from the way they speak I cannot be trusted. We drow live in a society where friend, trust, and love get you killed, so please don’t be too upset when I decline your escort” Serrash told them. “Tell the gracious commander that we will definitely talk” Serrash added as he secretly left the patrol men behind.

“Wait!” Menant cried outward. He was only answered by the wind. Menant and his men trudged through the snow back to Abertingel not knowing that Serrash followed secretly. Serrash ducked behind snow that was high enough to hide him.

“So when are we sneaking in?” Valindra asked.

Serrrash’s dagger instantly appeared in his hand as if it was there already “You know I might accidentally kill you one day.”

“True” Valindra chuckled. They had played this game many times and she enjoyed it every time.

“We sneak in during the time of the drow” Serrash answered her question. He shivered, the magical potion that kept them both warm in this extreme weather begun to wear off.

“I can’t wait.” Valindra said barely able to contain her giddiness.

Night soon fell over Abertingel. The time of the drow had come. Serrash and Valindra quietly picked their way towards the fort wall. They watched the guards walking along the top of the cities upper walls. Serrash dropped his backpack, reached in to grab rope, and grappling hook. He tied the rope tightly to it, and swung it around. He waited until the guard moved farther away, and the wind to pick up. He flung the rope as hard as he could, barely making the distance. Valindra tested her wait first. It seemed secure, so she easily climbed up the wall like a spider, and Serrash was right behind her moving just as graceful. Serrash put the climbing kit back into his bag. Valindra and Serrash easily found handholds, and climbed down the wall into the city. Lamps were lit to light up the streets, but the wind fought fiercely to snuff them. To drow eyes the city was lit as if it were day. Their eyes glowed red as they made their way through the city alley by alley. Valindra saw something in the corner of her eyes. As she moved closer she could tell by the smell it was just a drunk.

“Hey, “she whispered to him “if you tell me where Commander Mckellyn lives I will give you a kiss.”

The drunk pushed his hat back from over his eyes. Her heavy cloak blocked his view, but he could see her long beautiful white hair, and the long shape of her legs. “S-Sure darling” the man said as he fought to stand. He smiled showing his yellow and black teeth. She fought the bile rising in her throat as she smelled his breath. He used the wall as a crutch and fully stood.

“Thank you sir it means a lot” she cooed.

“Itss nothing my pet, I am glad to help” the drunk told her. He led them through the maze of alleys in the frontier town. “There is where the Commander and his son reside, now how about that kiss” he finished.

“Thank you so very much” she said. She leaned in for the kiss, and that’s when he noticed her red eyes. The man stumbled as she pulled her longbow off her back. Valindra swung the unstrung bow like a staff, cracking the man in the face. He fell unconsciously in the dirt.

“Having fun my pet” Serrash mocked.

“Shut up, I found the way” Valindra told him.

They climbed the nearest building and continued on the rooftops. Their steps so silent that not even the denizens of the homes knew. Valindra and Serrash stopped when they landed on the Commander’s house.


© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

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