Week in the West Coast: P1

Week in the West Coast: P1

A Story by Beckuuuh Grossack

Caitlin tries to push away her dark emotions during her trip away from home for her track meet.


Caitlin stuck her hand out from under her blanket, turning off her alarm. She lay in her bed unmoving for a few more minutes before she finally moved the blanket from over her head and sitting up gracefully. She pushed her hair back out of her face and pulled her pale locks into a pony tail. She wiped the eye poo out of her eyes, and looked around the room trying to get some clue to what day it was. When her gaze fell on her track bag and the day come back to her, "oh... Right I have the away meet today." She sighs as she walks into her bathroom and wiggled out of her pajamas before hopping into the shower, hoping that the water would relax her a bit and cast some of her demons away but when the hot water turned cold she gave up, getting out gracefully and wrapped a towel around herself. She walked back into her bedroom and walked to her closet taking out her uniform laying it out on her bed. She walked over picking up her bags holding her towel so it wouldn't fall, going through her stuff to make sure she had everything before drying herself off and getting dressed. She smoothed the skirt and pulled her hair up into a messy bun. She made her way over to her desk, examining it for anything else she might need for her week in California. She picked up her dismembered phone and stuffed it into her gym bag, putting her bags over her shoulder and leaving her room in a blur. She set the bags by the front door, making her way into the kitchen to say goodbye to my parents and my little brother.

"Okay so I will let you know when we get to the school, and since Jude's uncle is going we won't have to hunt while we are there." Caitlin reminded them.

"Yes yes, just give your cousins a ring because they are protective and wanna be mature." Christina stated.

"Okay fine ill call Mattie." Caitlin said her voice blank and tired.

Christina sighed, pulling her into a hug wanting to take away all of Caitlin's sorrow and make her happy, "I love you mama cetta, have a good time."

Caitlin hugged her back slowly, nodding a bit "I erm. Will to my best." She said not caring about forcing emotion into her voice anymore. She gave Peter a quick hug before messing Anthony's hair and walking out of the kitchen as I heard Jude's car pull up to the house. I grabbed my bags and moved out and into his car in a blur, "drive drive...” I turn in my seat putting my bags in the back as he drove away from my house with a chuckle.

"So what was the need for the quick get away?" Jude asked with a curious brow perched.

"My mom was giving me worried, looks again..." Caitlin shrugged leaning back in her seat, putting her legs up on the dashboard, she leaned her head against the cool window staring out it blankly her breathing fogging up the glass near her face.

Jude pulled to a stop when he got to a light and looked over at her his face washed from his and it was replaced with a tight serious expression, “Have you been diving her any reasons to be worried about you Catie? I mean really this depressed broken glass s**t isn’t you and we miss Caitlin not this anti Caitlin.” He stated before turning his attention back to the road and continued to drive to the art academy.

Caitlin looked down at her lap in a daze, feeling like he had just slapped her in the face awake. She looked over at him from the corner of her eyes, “I. didn’t know I had gotten that bad...”

Jude waited until we had finally gotten to the school before turning to me, “You didn’t know? What the hell do you think I have been trying to get you to see for the past three weeks?” his tone bewild, full of annoyance from even having to explain her, this.

Caitlin shakes her head and gets out of the grabbing her bags, slamming the door closed, “Well Judas, if Amy moved across country and stopped talking to you. Do you think that you’d be shitting rainbows out your a*s?” eyes him as he gets out of the car, waiting for him to contradict her, before continuing, “I thought so, now go and spend some time with your girlfriend cause you’re not going to be able to see her for a week.” She said shooing him away.

Jude grabbed his stuff not having enough energy to continue to fight her before walking off into the building to find Amy. Hoping that today she wouldn’t be late, since she couldn’t come over last night.

Caitlin walked towards the parking lot on the other side of the school were they kept the school buses, figuring since she’d be the first one there she’d get to take her pick on where she sat on the bus. I walk up only to find a couple of coach buses. She grinned to herself, “well this should be an upside.” She walked towards one of the buses, and tapped on the door for the driver to open it, “I’m sorry young lady but you need to wait for the rest of your class.” The driver said.

Caitlin wrinkled her nose and took a graceful step onto the bus dropping her bags to her feet and put her hand lightly on his arm looking into his eyes, “Listen good, I’ve been having a horrid month. You are going to let me sit in the bus before the rest of the track team comes.” She said her tone light and hypnotic compelling him though it didn’t take much convincing before, he nodding motioning her to take a seat. She moved her hand from his arm and snatched her bags before taking a seat close to the back of the bus. I stuff my bags under my seat before moving the back of the seat so she could lean back comfortably with her feet up. I stare out the window, wanting so bad to talk to Sean but knowing that wasn’t going to happen then wishing that Em was around more so that I could talk to her but she was still busy with her band stuff. A quiet sigh passes my lips and I brush my bangs back out of my eyes, “well you can at least push aside your gloom for a week, what’s the worst that could happen…”

Caitlin picked her head up eventually when she heard the other’s start to shuffle into the bus, she sat up straight and crossed her legs looking down at her nails, like she normally did. She turned her attention away from her nails when Jude sat down heavily next to her, she arched a brow at him “board the wrong bus?” she asked. “Pfft no, I asked Max if I could ride across with you if I didn’t harass the other girls.” Jude answered with a smirk. She laughed shaking her head and pushed his head, “Did you slip him something to believe that you actually would behave?” “No, cause I have a girlfriend and I am not a horndog.” Jude chuckled before eyeing her, “Okay are you bipolar?” “No so shut the f**k up about my emotions, jeeze what are you? A therapist?” Caitlin asked mockingly. “I’d be a damn sexy therapist.” Jude laughed, “But are you really feeling better?” “No but I am pushing aside my emotion crap while we are out of town.” Caitlin answered. “Okay fine but if you have fun you have to stay normal Catie not depressed Caitlin.” Jude said. “Whatever.” She said shaking her head looking back out the window. She grinned a bit letting her mind wonder off.

© 2012 Beckuuuh Grossack

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Added on May 27, 2012
Last Updated on May 28, 2012
Tags: Caitlin, Missing, Sean, Jude, Sad, Phone, California, Glen coco


Beckuuuh Grossack
Beckuuuh Grossack

Oakland Gardens, NY

ok so here to about me: im weird, love to talk to my besties and etc etc etc blah blah blah ;) so wanna be a filmmaker/editor when i get older. and just resently that i can actully write soz ima use t.. more..