Lost In the Land

Lost In the Land

A Story by DhaVerd

A youngman who is alone in a land

There was once a land that held only a youngman. He had search through it to find that he was alone. Though one day he came across another land, but this land held people that he couldn't weld. He just didn't fit in, they didn't like him one bit. So the youngman went back to his land. Though in his land he heard a cry. He determined to try and find that cry. He ran and he ran, till he then found a young lady. He sat next to her as they looked upon one another.
"Can you try and not act as if you care," her voice came out all pained.
His eyes began to water as he saw his own pain in her eyes. He shook his head leaving her guessing his gesture in meaning. He kept staring to her as he held in his tears as she looked away as if he was all of her fears. Once more she looked up to him to see his eyes were ready to pour, but that wasn't something he wanted to afford. He looked away as he let his right eye tear as his left side was seen to be fine.
"I understand how you feel," his voice was pained. "You feel alone in this land. I've been here as long as a youngman that I am and through it all I've felt alone. Just today I found another land, a land that band me to fit in."
Hearing that he too had found a land that band him caught most of her attention. As if a flare he had her stare.
"I've been rejected and neglected by them so fast. I wasn't even there for a time to last. Though I see in your eyes that you had face the same ties. My words are not lies when I say that I understand how you feel to be rejected. I'm here for you, you won't be neglected by me."
Her words came out so shaken and feared, "I'd tell you to leave me be, but I don't want to be alone any longer. You too have found that land, the land where words are stronger that actions. I've seen them before in that land. They stand in that land as they have each other's back. I always wanted to approach them, but my self confidence was something I lack. Today though I decided to not go back, decided today I confronted them. Only till I found to be an outcast."
She began to sob. He didn't know what to do so he moved closer next to her and layed his hand on her left shoulder. He knew that it'd probably help if he held her. His eyes began to water as he spoke but he only stuttered. Finding his voice, he wiped away his tears and looked to her as if confronting his fears.
"If we don't belong then why should we cry. We had only try, and try to move is what should do. To me this has brought something much better that fate tossed for me to that I caught. I've met you. Do you see what I'm saying? We've found each other, outcast of a land that had band us for ourself."
She looked to him with her wet eyes and her shaking chin. Her fears were now gone in her tears. For she found a peer. She smiled to her new friend as she wiped away her tears. The youngman stood up as he placed his hand out for her.
"Come with me as we walk through this land. Take my hand."
They smiled to each other as he helped her up. Together they walked with no tears or any fears, together they were peers.

© 2014 DhaVerd

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Added on December 25, 2013
Last Updated on November 20, 2014
Tags: Friendship, bullying, outcast, tears, fears, friends, emotions, pain, fitting in, outlaw, rejected, neglected




I am a nerd, gamer, larper, and a big comic book fan. I love to write especially of my feelings or just a story that I find fascinating. I don't really have much friends, but that doesn't get too down.. more..