Through the Wake

Through the Wake

A Poem by DhaVerd

Staying awake, faking that everything is fine.
But really inside I'm a mess.
Can't you hear my distress?
My emotions are just left,
Tried to move on towards the best.
Wanted this to be put to rest,
But instead we're here.
For my fear is the loss of you.
So I move aside my emotions,
Tiding them back towards my ocean.
Here I'm left broken.
Thoughts left lurkin' around.
I'm still waiting to be found,
For you see what is meant to be of you and me is a prophecy.
But you can't seem to understand my words,
I try and calm you by taking your hand.
Don't wish to be alone in this land.
For I'm a mess,
Can not rest,
Thoughts running as if a pest.
Tears so hot,
Hate every time we've fought.
Always the bad guy,
For I never have the right to tell my insight.
You're crushing me and all we are I hope is far.
Can not rest,
I'm a mess,
Wish us the best.
Why can't I get my point across?
This heart aches,
My hands shake,
My smile is fake,
Why can't you take in some consideration,
Go to the location of my broken heart.
Mend it together,
Take your time because with you I plan to be with forever.
Never have I not wished to lose another,
For you, my lover, I hold so very dear.
You I fear to lose.
Who's better than me?
I may be broken,
Can not rest,
But as a token I am marked.
Stand at post upon your heart.
So go ahead and ignore this needed mend of heart, love me and promise your all, at least I have that to keep my power up so tall.

© 2014 DhaVerd

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Added on November 20, 2014
Last Updated on November 20, 2014
Tags: Awake, love, night, insight, rhymes, poem




I am a nerd, gamer, larper, and a big comic book fan. I love to write especially of my feelings or just a story that I find fascinating. I don't really have much friends, but that doesn't get too down.. more..