Words That Kill - Chapter One

Words That Kill - Chapter One

A Chapter by Dickey Harrold

Rescued from poverty and sat into the lap of luxury, Celine struggles to uphold her virtues. As a result of that, Pride, Shame, and Revenge is her fate.


Words That Kill



    Though born into poverty, Celine acquired the value of virtue. That is to say, her every growing step was on a stone of morals. Her charm, politeness, and regards toward others are attention-grabbing qualities. As is her humility.



    In the park on a spring day is when he noticed the brilliance in this five-foot four girls mesmerizing smile. Her heavenly blue eyes are becoming against her facial tone and long brown hair. Her shapely figure also justified her wearing snug white jeans. In addition to that, the grace in her amble was melting. His heart had then decided on her. In fact, her brief glance and warm hello rendered him both helpless and hopeless to her lure. Furthermore, he could not remove his eyes from her. Consequently, twenty-seven year-old Celine had moved multi millionaire Larry J. Livings, emotionally.



    If she’d just circle once more, I could speak with her, he’s thinking.



    Opposed to continuing her lap, she stopped to chat with children before starting back. Meanwhile, the thought of talking with her caused his courage to cower. Nevertheless, he stood with a question, as she approached. “Excuse me, miss. My name is Larry Livings; at the risk of being forward, may I walk with you?”

    “Why yes, you may. My name is Celine. Hi!”


    “Excuse me?”   

    “Your name... it means Heavenly. For instance, my daughter’s name Candace means pure " sincere. Although pure is heavenly, specifically....”



    They nearly exhausted the day talking, smiling, and laughing. In fact, things went so well that Celine did accept his dinner proposal provided his daughter join them. Besides, the fact remains, they had just met and it would ease tension for her.  



    Considering her first date went well with Larry, she accepted his following proposals. Eventually, a mutual fondness had formed, labeling them an item.



    Celine is aware that as a couple changes are inevitable. But when learning Larry’s status, a dilemma had arisen. Meaning, when younger, she was able to withstand torment from the middle class society, but as a young woman, she questions her tolerance against such behavior from rich adults, should it occur. Her choices are cowering to insult or retaliate, neither is desirable.



    For example, she felt like a penny in a crowd of dimes during a high society social gathering, and obliged to be misleading if not to feel inadequate. Had not it been for the blue blood belittlement, she’d have otherwise not opposed her morals. However, it was a bold-a*s lie she told about her roots when asked while looked at down the nose. Because of her action, she experienced a conscious state of shame. Although impelled too, she could not lower herself to a higher standard if it meant committing to a lie. Nevertheless, the ongoing ridicule of being poor must stop, especially at her age. Being torn emotionally, Celine asked to be seen home.



    In view of her request to exit early, Larry studied her expression for an ulterior motive. Regardless of her reason, he hoped something would help her to see past the issue. Considering their change in plan, he did however promise to show her his home tomorrow.   



© 2015 Dickey Harrold

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Dickey Harrold
The harshest of criticism is appreciated. I'll thank you for that.

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Added on February 4, 2015
Last Updated on February 15, 2015
Tags: Love, Murder, Suicide, betray, revenge


Dickey Harrold
Dickey Harrold

Anderson, MO

I like to play with words and at times I'll manage a story. I'm a beginner writer and here to learn and I look forward to reading your work as well. more..