Words That Kill - Chapter Two

Words That Kill - Chapter Two

A Chapter by Dickey Harrold

Rescued from poverty and sat into the lap of luxury, Celine struggles to uphold her virtue. As a result, Pride, Shame, and Revenge is her fate.


Chapter Two



    As for everyone, a different aspect is offered on matters come a new day. Celine especially accepted a new point of view at first sight of the mansion. That is to say, she considered misrepresenting herself no more corrupt than a preacher twisting the words in the bible to justify moral blindness; to soften sins. She’d fallen victim to temptation, yes, but after having walked into a foyer larger than her shack of a house, she could no longer see past the riches. 



    For example, the upstairs master bathroom caused her eyes to glass over when entering. Justifying her emotion is the elegance of a, his and her sink, twin toilets, huge sauna tub, and large shower weaved brilliantly with tile. In particular is the bedroom through the second door. However, when running to feel the comfort of the pedestal-bed, she’s lured to the twin walk-in closets. Although hers is empty of cloths, attached to a single hanger is a gold Master Card and car keys. A joyful chuckle and a flood of tears is drawn as a result of disbelief. Uncertain about the limit of how happy one can be, she believes to have maxed out after having read the note alongside them, “Unlimited love.” Unfamiliar to her surrounding, Celine, rushed down the opposing twin-stairwell leading to the foyer and finds Larry slowing her haste. To her destination, he led her past the indoor heated-pool and to the garage. Under the wiper-blade of a Dodge Viper is another note awaiting her that reads, “Unlimited gas.”



    Unlimited had eventually become a defined way of living for her. Celine had no wants, boundaries, and excluded nothing at the sake of cost. There was however, one price to pay for such extravagance… marriage.



    Her acceptance to Larry’s proposal was not on a whim but rather a wish of hers. It wasn’t just he who had been emotionally moved the day at the park, at first sight of him, so was she. Because of that, she intentionally carried herself accordingly with hopes of being alluring.



    Specifically, it was the way he hid his interest in her with subtlety when looking at her. Furthermore, when he finally spoke, his words were appropriate and genuine. Not to mention how his Hazel-green eyes defined sincerity as did his hairstyle and smooth face represent a man of integrity. She sensed in him what mattered most to her, which is, he accepted her for whom and what she is, opposed to being just an arm-ornament for display. In short, the three of them lived a normal life despite their wealth. 



    As an unforeseen occurrence, the following year, things became abnormal. Since Larry’s death, despair had resided in Celine’s heart. For an entire year, she felt lost, confused, and alone. Her life had become a fragment of shattered unity.  



© 2015 Dickey Harrold

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Added on February 15, 2015
Last Updated on February 15, 2015
Tags: Love, betray, suicide, murder, revenge


Dickey Harrold
Dickey Harrold

Anderson, MO

I like to play with words and at times I'll manage a story. I'm a beginner writer and here to learn and I look forward to reading your work as well. more..