The Great Famine

The Great Famine

A Story by Galagarian Humor

The Great Famine

The Great Famine was the most catastrophic event in the history of the Popble Isles. Why The Great Famine took place was because crop production was under the average production rate due to a insect swarm that destroyed a good portion of crops. This event caused panic and people started to stockpile food as quickly as possible. The people went to the market and bought as much food from the market as they could, but many didn't learn about the insufficient crop production until all the food at the market was gone. Many families plunged into starvation. The farmers, however, kept majority of the surviving crops and sold the surplus food they had at jaw-dropping prices. The first king, King Dereck, saw a grand opportunity. He began to realize what the farmers were doing, so he sent his royal guards to farms across the land and took vast amounts of food from the greedy farmers. But then, King Dereck turned around and imitated the same method the farmers practiced, using the things he received from the citizens (because there was no currency) to build a palace for himself. Realizing the immense power he possessed, he started forcing farmers to harvest food for him to trade, miners to mine huge amounts of stone, and loggers to cut many trees for his palace. The people started giving up their houses, domestic animals, family treasures, everything just to get something to eat. The people tried to revolt against their new totalitarian leader, but all too weak to put up a fight against King Dereck and his forces; many "rebel" groups were crushed with ease under King Dereck's command. Three years passed and King Dereck still ruled the land with an iron fist, an elaborate palace, and wealth beyond imagination, but that was about to change. King Dereck, along with other powerful leaders of the Popble Isles, were having a huge banquet to commemorate their third year of "prosperity". When they gathered for the feast in the dining hall, an earthquake hit directly under the structure, bringing it down to the ground. What made this such a spectacular event was the fact that the only building that received critical damage was the palace that the king and loyal subjects happened to be in. The people of the Popble Isles saw this blessing as a sign of Xcorpiieto's anger toward the vile king. The citizens started reconstructing their once prosperous nation. After twelve long years of cleaning up and rebuilding the nation, the citizens choose a new leader, Soraphor. Soraphor was the leader of a major coup d'etat that tried to overrun King Dereck. His dedication and bravery he brought to the people of the Popble Isles during and after King Dereck's reign made him the best choice for  new king. He immediately ordered the construction of temples dedicated to the god, Xcorpiieto, in appreciation for his actions to eradicate the nation from the punishment that their former ruler bestowed upon them. There were elegant temples built in every major city and shrines built in all the villages throughout the country-side dedicated to him for the actions he has done for the Popble Isles. The citizens loved and trusted their new leader, but wanted to make sure that an event such as The Great Famine would never happen again. Just before Soraphor was appointed as the new king, the people of the Popble Isles unanimously decided to create an organization that would monitor the king' actions and respond if they believe that the king is abusing his powers. This organization became known as the Division of Order, which was made up of the most humble and disciplined men and women of the Popble Isles.

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Added on March 13, 2012
Last Updated on March 14, 2012