"It Just Might."

"It Just Might."

A Poem by Donna

We hear the news everyday and it's rarely any good news. Someone was killed, a child is missing, a man on Death Row was executed last night in Texas.
None of it affects our lives. We just go on with our day and all is forgotten.
We don't think about the family of the man who was killed. His parents, wife, and children grieving.
The child that is missing. His parents and grandparents worried sick they may never see the boy again. They wonder if he is scared or hurt. They can't sleep. They just sit and wait to hear anything about him.
The headlines read, "Inmate on Death Row executed." Some are glad he was executed! His parents are so heartbroken their son was killed by the State. They elderly couple sit in the prison chapel mourning their only son. The victims family has to remember that horrible day he took their daughters young life.
That little bit of news has destroyed many people's lives. They are suffering. This doesn't affect you at all, but remember, one day, "It Just Might."

© 2020 Donna

Author's Note

Something I think about often.

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First, let me apologize for not reading you in a long while . . . I always loved reading you & haven't seen you in my newsfeed. (Out of sight, out of mind, for this forgetful old biddy). This is most excellent becuz you do not futz or soften your observations that we are so inundated by bad news, we've gotten to where we just don't care & we never process the enormity of what's going on "out there" beyond our little circle of comfort. Most people try to pretend we care, but we really don't & that's what I love about your straightforward style. I don't blame people for not caring. It's beyond human compassion to be able to grasp all the woe & tragedy we're bombarded with, since communication is at a ridiculously high level for most. What about when people worked a farm & there was no TV or internet (like when I grew up) . . . were these people similarly "bad" for not caring, when they didn't even know about all the bad stuff going on around the world? Are we suddenly now responsible for trying to get our arms around & keep our arms around everything that's going haywire around the world? I think that's not realistic or possible. But I do applaud you for showing us how broken we really are on this matter. I love writing that fires me up! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Year Ago

Hard to watch the news. So much sadness. We live in a world where killing and violence is part of life. In some countries in our world. Violence isn't a problem. Maybe our leaders to find out why? Powerful and true thoughts shared dear Donna.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Not a cheery thought
There is already enough to dwell on

Posted 1 Year Ago

I can't imagine the horror a family has to go through having a lost child. I'm sure their emotions are ever fluctuating and torturous. I had to stop watching the news because it got so depressing.

Good write, Donna.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you so much!

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