Night One

Night One

A Chapter by Noah Scott

“So are you going in or not?”, came Sam’s voice from behind him. I hate that I let him talk me into this, thought Ryan, trying his best not to let his legs fall out from underneath him.
    “Yeah I’m goin’.”, Ryan called back, though, obviously not moving, and trying to cover up the slight quiver in his voice.
    “Come on Reynolds, your not chickening out on me are you?”, Jesse called from behind him. How’d I get sucked into this mess anyway?, he thought, trying desperately to think of a way out of this situation.
    After awhile of trying to think up a way to get off the hook, he decided that he should just get it over with. “Alright, I’m going.”, he finally said, thinking, Some friends you are, making your best friend go and explore a haunted asylum all by himself.

As he started up the stairs to the chain-link fence that surrounded the old, deteriorated building, he looked around and found the one spot in the fence that allowed entry. Where the fence met the post, someone had cut it, probably some of the seniors from the high school. He started through, but all of a sudden, he felt a quick pain shoot through his arm. After he got through the fence, he quickly realized that he had cut his arm and it was starting to bleed.

As he walked up to the front of the building, he had this uneasy feeling, like someone was watching him. When he turned around, he noticed his friends were still there, but they weren’t watching. After the feeling passed, he started into the first dark hallway, lined with rooms whose doors were starting to come off their hinges. The feeling came again, though he felt more eyes following him as he walked past each of the rooms.

Just as he felt the feeling pass, he heard foot steps, but definitely not his own, they sounded like a child's footsteps. It’s all in your head, he repeated to himself for about the tenth time, There’s no such thing as ghosts. Just as he finished this thought, he heard more footsteps, though not the ones from before, these one’s sounded older, like his friends, I knew they weren’t total jerks, he thought as he called out, “Sam?”, no answer, “Jesse?”, again, no answer, “Come on guys, this isn’t funny!”, still no answer. Hm, must have imagined it, he assured himself, trying to take his thoughts off of his surroundings.

After awhile, he decided to continue on, going deeper into the maze of an asylum. A couple minutes passed, when he heard little footsteps again, though these sounded closer, faster even. He turned around, expecting to see something, but when he saw nothing, he continued in the direction he had been going, and as he turned around to do so, he saw something. It was a quick glimpse, but he saw it, a little boy, with white hair, white skin, and glowing eyes.

That was just my nerves playing a trick on me, nothing else, he chanted in his head, trying to steady himself. Then, the most frightening, bloodcurdling howl of laughter he had ever heard sounded all around him, echoing in his ears. “Make it stop,” he whispered, finally screaming, “STOP IT!”

“What’s the matter?”, the sound of another voice echoed from behind him.

“Who’s there?”, he sputtered, as he turned on his heels, nearly knocking himself off his feet. Standing before him was a girl, she didn’t look much older than him. She had white hair that went down to her feet, chalk white skin, and glowing yellow eyes.

Laughter sounded from all different directions. After the laughter died down, she spoke, in a voice that echoed through his head, “You know what we are, even if you don’t want to admit it. None of the others wanted to admit it either.” As he looked her over again, he noticed that she had bits of red in her hair, her feet were covered in blood, and a cleaver that was glowing red and dripping with it gripped in her hand. As he started backing away, he noticed that she was smiling a very unnerving smile before she opened her mouth and said, “Go ahead and run, it’ll only make it more fun for us.”

Though he knew it was useless, he turned and ran, his heart racing more and more with each step he took. And after he had made it to where he could no longer see her, he heard a sound so spine tingling, he had to stop just to slow the frantic beating of his heart. The melody of a demented nursery rhyme, “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring, he went to bed, put a hole in his head, and he wouldn’t get up in the morning.” After the last word was sung, the terrible, blood curdling shriek sounded again, filling his ears, and pounding on his head.

Calm down, it’s only your nerves, he thought desperately, “None of this is real, it’ll all go away soon.”

“This is real alright.” came a new voice from over his shoulder. He spun around to find no one, only a dog. But when he looked closer, he saw that the dog was smiling, just like the girl had been smiling before. Then it spoke, saying, “Surely you’ve figured it out by now that this isn’t a dream.” At this, the sight of a talking dog, he started running again, his heart in his throat and pounding in his ears.

It was only after he stopped that saw the light at the end of the hallway. He walked toward it, hoping, praying that it was a way out. As he neared it, he heard steps behind him, and he started to run, to try to get away from what ever was behind him. Only as he passed the threshold of the doorway did he realize that he was on the third floor, and this was an asylum, there were no windows for light to shine in from.

It was a dead end. He realized there was no escaping now, there was no chance left for him to make it out by morning. As he turned around, there were two new ones, just like the rest, except the boy was tall and had glowing black eyes and the girl had cat ears, cat eyes, and a tail. Then the others began to appear next to them, the little boy, the black dog, and the girl with the knife, who was holding on to the tall one.

“Grimmy, can I?” asked the little boy, who was fidgeting, trying not to act without permission.

“Yeah Grimm, can we? He looks tasty.” added the cat-like girl, looking from the girl with the cleaver to their new found snack, licking her lips.

“Go ahead,” whispered the older girl, “eat up.” At this, the little boy let out another blood curdling screech that made Ryan drop to the floor, holding his hands to his ears, letting out a cry of his own.

As they grabbed hold of him, he could feel the life draining out of him. He tried struggling, but he couldn't get away, and just as he'd found an opening to escape, the girl with the clever came and brought the huge knife down, right across his throat. Bringing darkness with it.

© 2012 Noah Scott

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Noah Scott
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Added on September 15, 2011
Last Updated on April 17, 2012
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Noah Scott

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