Ethan's Acceptance

Ethan's Acceptance

A Chapter by Noah Scott

Adrian's now in 8th grade, but some of his family is still trying to figure out where they stand. Ethan's a Junior in high school and will have to go to school with Adrian next year.


            The pounding of running feet can be heard throughout the house when Adrian comes running down the hall with clothes in his fists and Ethan right behind him. "Give me back my stuff!" but Adrian is still running, laughing. "Mom! It's been in my room again!"

            "Ethan!" Rachel shouts, but it's too late, Adrian's stripped off his shirt and has thrown them at Ethan's head. He's stormed off and behind him is heard the slam of his door. Rachel sighs, "great."

            "What?" Ethan hisses, already irritated with having to chase Adrian down the stairs.

            " "It"? "It"?! Why would you call him that?" his mom shouts.

            "Oh, come on, you were thinking the same thing in the beginning." he starts, but his mom turns away. "It's not normal, mom."

            "Normal or not, he's your little brother and you need to learn to get along." she says, "He'll be in high school next year, and I need to know you're going to protect him."

            "He wouldn't need protecting if he had just stayed as Katie." he says, picking up his clothes and walking back down the hall.


            After what happened downstairs, Rachel went up to check on Adrian. She knocks, "Honey?" She jiggles the knob but it's locked, "Adrian, open the door." and she hears a click. When she enters the room, Adrian's sitting on his bed, so she sits next to him. "You know he didn't mean it." she says, trying to comfort him, but he knows she's lying.

            "Come on, mom! You know he did!" he piped, standing to face away from her. "He hates me. Thinks I'm a freak."

            "He doesn't-"

            "Mom, he's told me he does." Adrian says, turning to face her again. "I heard you two talking in the kitchen." he admits, "You heard what he said." he waits, trying to think of what to say, "I know I'm not normal," he says, "but I wanna be. But as a boy."

            "Sweetie, it's just going to take some time."

            He pauses and sighs, "My older brother hates me, and it's all my fault."


            A couple days later, on monday, Adrian was still asleep while everybody was eating. "Adrian! Time to wake up!" shouted his mother from the base of the stairs. When he didn't answer she said, "Oh, that boy." and walked over to Ethan. "Go wake up Adrian." He started to complain so she ordered, "Now."

            "Alright." and he walked up to his brothers room and knocked on the door. There was still no answer, so he went in and saw that Adrian was still asleep. He went over and shook him slightly, but the only reaction came from Adrian's face, which looked like it was in pain. He looked down to see that the skin underneath his hand and the rest of Adrian's arm was covered in bruises, same with his back. It made Ethan feel sorry for his brother, and guilty for being such a jerk.

            "Hey, wake up." he said, but there was still no movement. "Well, when all else fails." he said, whacking the back of Adrian's head. Works every time, he thought when Adrian jolted awake.

            "Ow" Adrian mumbled, rubbing the back of his head. "What?"

            "Least you're awake." he said, "Get down stairs."

            "'k." he said, groggily. Then he noticed that Ethan wasn't gone, "What? Wanna add something you forgot to say the other day?" he asked angrily.

            "What happened?" he asked, pointing to the big bruises that dotted Adrian's arms.

            Though Adrian ignored the question guiltily and said, "I need to get dressed, get out." trying to force Ethan out the door.

            "Hey," Ethan said, not moving, "what happened?"

            "Like you care." Adrian said, not looking at Ethan.

            He finally gave in and walked out of the room, "Fine, be that way. I'll just ask mom." he said, baiting him.

            "No," Adrian said, grabbing at the back of Ethan's shirt, "you can't tell her."

            "She'll find out eventually. Now tell me, what happened?" he said, crossing his arms across his chest. Adrian mumbled something that Ethan couldn't hear. "What?"

            "I said I'm..." he couldn't finish before tears started rolling down his face. "People are messing with me at school." he finally said, turning away to hide his face.

            "This isn't "messing", ok?" said Ethan, appalled, "They can get in trouble for this."

            "I already look weak, I don't need to-"

            "You need to tell someone!" Ethan shouted, irritated that his brother was so hard-headed. Adrian just stands there, looking at him.

            "Why do you care?" he finally asked, "Ever since Katie left, you've never been there for me. They've been messing with me since I became Adrian. Why do you care?!" he said the last two sentences in one breath, sounding desperate and loathing. After Ethan didn't respond, he asked, "Or do you?"

            "Of course I care, you're my..." but he couldn't finish his sentence. Adrian gave him a chance, but when he didn't take it.

            "See?" he asked, disappointed, "You can't even say it." he says, walking away.

            "... My brother." he finally said, causing Adrian to stop in his doorway. "I care, ok?" he admitted, "But how am I supposed to react when my only sister says she's a boy? Hm?" They stand there silently for awhile, "It's just gonna take me a little time, ok?"

            "... ok." Adrian mumbled, still looking at his feet, hiding his eyes. Ethan comes up behind him and wraps his arms around his shoulders, saying "Just a little time." By this time, Adrian has started crying. They stand there for a while, saying nothing before they go down to breakfast. Adrian had his older brother back. 

© 2012 Noah Scott

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Added on March 27, 2012
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