The Wall Coming Down

The Wall Coming Down

A Poem by FallenWingz

" I've built a wall, not to block everyone out but just to see who cares enough to climb over it"


The Wall Coming Down



Part 1


We let people in because they've

Removed the brick and made you

Believe they will replace it, but

Sometimes when you let them too

Far inside, you realized

You've been open and bare.

As you’re other rocks can't hold the fort.

It can't be replaced because you

Are busy falling apart.

I've let them break through my walls.

Watching them as each day, each one

Took a pile of my bricks to get into the center.

To get into the one thing I always

Promised myself to never let anyone in.

But I kept my eyes on their beauty

And not the evil glare inside their eyes.

You only left with the scars of what they left behind.


Part 2 - Fallen Down


You see I thought if I let someone in,

I might be understood

But I never realized that once

I let them in, once I give them permission.

I'd be not just destroying the shell I've been living in, but I'll be giving

Pieces of my heart to people

Who obviously never deserved it?

I've lost my home,

I've lost a lot since then.

But I was misleading this time around.

It all seeped through me like water.

I wanted to believe it was real.

I gave up my defensive mechanism

I thought I've got it all under control.

But how the mighty has fallen.

I've been warned but I trusted

My inner feelings.

Thought I was a majestic lion

But all along I'm a masochistic one.

Yet I wish you near

Or do I resent you

When I feel your presents

Is that love of fear?

Or fear it self.


Part 3 - Rebuild My Walls


Do I seek pain or does it find me

Do I like sorrow or does it desire me.

What if love ever comes my way?

Would I run away and protect my heart

And replace it with iron instead of bricks.

Will that love be so sensitive that it sets me on fire.

All I know this time I'm taking that wall

Around my heart and build it higher and securer.

So that it never fall again to another.

Years from now I will look back

And all the pain will seem a dream.

Something that will never harm me again.

All forgotten only dust will remain.

All the memories

Will all be faded into the darkness?

Never to resurface ever again.


© 2011 FallenWingz

Author's Note

In Life We End Up Hurt, This Is something I have Personally done & wrote it in a 3 part poem/story.

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Wow...Every part it's getting interesting...Love it... :)))

Posted 12 Years Ago

Yes, in life we get hurt, but if we learn lessons to take into the future perhaps we will more careful about who we let those walls down for. I think letting them down slowly and being met by one who lets theirs down slowly too, may be the key. A wonderful piece.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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